Special Clinical Focus

  • Radiotherapy for breast cancer
  • Radiotherapy for prostatic cancer
  • LDR brachytherapy with seed implantation
  • MRgFUS = magnetic resonance imaging-guided, high-focus ultrasound therapy
  • MRgFUS for uterine tumour - uterus-conserving out-patient treatment

About us

Dr Gyoergy Loevey is a specialist in oncological radiotherapy in Bottrop. Here, the specialist in radiotherapy has established his practice in the FUS Centre in Bottrop. The abbreviation FUS stands for high-focus ultrasound, a treatment utilised by the specialist in oncological radiotherapy, Dr Loevey in Bottrop. Using this form of non-invasive treatment, Dr Loevey and his team at FUS Bottrop can treat patients with tumours and control a tumour disease without resorting to surgery.

The specialist in radiotherapy in Bottrop can treat tumours, breast tumours and uterine myomas (benign tumours originating in the uterus). Here, Dr Loevey uses the so-called MRgFUS, for which the oncological radiotherapy practice in Bottrop has been specially equipped, because the MRgFUS (magnetic resonance tomography-guided high-focus ultrasound therapy) is used by the specialist in radiotherapy particularly for the diseases, uterine myoma, breast tumours and, recently for the first time, for bone tumours.

As a result, the range of services of the specialist in oncological radiotherapy is a true alternative to surgical procedures for tumour diseases. Thanks to Dr Loevey in Bottrop, it is possible for a tumour to be removed from an organ without a surgical procedure having to be performed. The specialist in oncological radiotherapy must carefully examine and select the patients with uterine myomas, breast tumours or patients with bone cancer, however, since not every patient can be or should be treated by Dr Loevey at the FUS Bottrop.

Since the method of treatment used by the radiotherapy specialist, Dr Loevey in Bottrop, is a combination of a high-focus ultrasound and a magnetic resonance tomograph, the current guidelines for an MRT also apply here. That means that Dr Loevey may not use the magnetic resonance tomography-guided high-focus ultrasound therapy, for example, where metal prosthetics or a cardiac pacemaker has been introduced into the body. If the specialist in radiotherapy in Bottrop decides that the magnetic resonance tomography-guided high-focus ultrasound therapy can be used, for example, for a uterine myoma, then this method is a very good alternative to a surgical procedure.

In the process, the radiotherapy specialist, Dr Loevey in Bottrop, works with contrast media in order to be able to depict the organ. Using the image formed by the magnetic resonance tomograph, the tumour is shown in the respective organ. Only now can the radiotherapy specialist, Dr Loevey, also position and adjust the high-focus ultrasound. The combination of the MRT and the ultrasound enables the removal of the tumour without surgery. Naturally, the specialist in radiotherapy requires several sessions for this, but the MRgFUS technique is considered to be very gentle since only the tumour is affected.

The specialist in oncological radiotherapy positions the patient on the apparatus for this purpose. The MRT now produces the image and Dr Loevey can adjust the ultrasound. By targeted focusing of the ultrasound waves within the body, the tumour is heated at a point. Consequently, the tumour tissue is raised to a temperature of up to 80 degrees Celsius, which destroys the tumour tissue. This treatment by the radiotherapy specialist, Dr Loevey, causes the tumour to diminish in size and the necrotic tissue, which has been destroyed by the ultrasound, is removed and broken down over time by the patient's own immune system.

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  • Breast cancer
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  • Cancer metastases
  • Uterine tumour


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