Special Clinical Focus

  • Tumor irradiation
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT, VMAT)
  • Breath-triggered radiotherapy (breath gating)
  • Image-guided radiotherapy, IGRT
  • Prevention of soft tissue calcification

About us

Featuring the latest available technology, you can find our outpatient centre for radiotherapy and radio-oncology in close proximity to the Diakoniekrankenhaus hospital in Freiburg im Breisgau.

We are particularly keen to provide sophisticated radiotherapy in an appealing environment. We therefore guarantee professional-grade radiotherapy treatment combined with particular social competence.

Radiotherapy in cancers: We do our utmost to alleviate your illness for you. We know the gravity of the issues cancer raises among those it afflicts. We therefore clarify everything of importance with you about your diagnosis and the forthcoming therapy in an extensive initial briefing.
We accompany you. We know that, apart from using the latest and most sophisticated technology, your illness necessitates a high degree of human contact.
Organizational issues - such as arranging appointments or therapy - are not supposed to additionally encumber our patients either. So we work in close conjunction with our colleagues from other medical disciplines. Short unbureaucratic channels prevent further stress, therefore bolstering our therapy.

Radiotherapy in inflammatory diseases of the joints: excessive and improper stresses often induce changes in bones, tendons and joints, the frequent consequence of which is painful restricted mobility or even loss of mobility. Quality of life suffers in general if routine daily tasks are associated with pain.
If drugs or physiotherapy treatments do not bring about a clear improvement, radiotherapy can provide effective relief - especially with diseases of a chronic, inflammatory or degenerative nature.
This special therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect, inhibits autoimmune processes and affects cell functions to directly relieve symptoms. It is completely painless and has few side effects.

Therapeutic Services

Tumour radiotherapy for

• breast cancer
• prostate cancer
• urinary tract cancer
• lung cancer
• cancers of the gastro-intestinal tract
• ENT tumours
• brain tumours
• metastasized cancers

Radiotherapy for chronic, inflammatory or degenerative diseases:

• heel spur & Achilles' tendonitis
• arthroses
• epicondylitis humeri (tennis elbow)
• heterotopic ossification
• (prevention of soft tissue calcification)
• endocrine orbitopathy

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

We eagerly await your visit and will welcome you in your language - In addition to German, our team also speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Arabic. We will also be pleased to provide a personal translation service with a medical interpreter. To make your stay in Freiburg a memorable one, we can also arrange your transfer from the airport and help you in seeking accommodation in a centrally located hotel -  we, of course, always have a few ideas at hand on the various sights in and around Freiburg im Breisgau.

Leading Medicine Guide

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Other services

  • Chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases
  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Cancers of the GI tract
  • Urinary tract cancer


Airports near

  • Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg75 km
  • Flughafen Straßburg89 km
  • Baden Airpark (Karlsruhe / Baden Baden)105 km

Additional staff

Dipl. - Claudia  Fischer - Radiation Therapy | Radiation Oncology - Freiburg

Dipl. Ing.
Claudia Fischer

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