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Lungenkrebszentrum Treuenbrietzen

Specialist for Lung Cancer, Pneumonology in Treuenbrietzen

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Lungenkrebszentrum Treuenbrietzen - Lung Cancer -
Lungenkrebszentrum Treuenbrietzen Specialist for Lung Cancer, Pneumonology in Treuenbrietzen
+49 33748 263001 (Landline at local rates)
Dr. Krügel has earned an astonishing reputation far beyond the region, especially as the experienced head of the certified Lung Cancer Center. However, the renowned pulmonologist, who is very familiar with all diseases of the lungs, also impresses with other specialties - for example, in the area of sleep-related breathing disorders.

About us Lungenkrebszentrum Treuenbrietzen

It is a clinic steeped in tradition where Dr. Rainer Krügel works as Head Physician: The rich heritage of the famous Belitz sanatoriums, which once made headlines as a pulmonary sanatorium, lives on here. But today's pneumology clinic at the Johanniter Hospital in Treuenbrietzen has long since arrived in the modern age. More than that: Above all, the certified Lung Cancer Center continues to draw attention to itself - especially through its director, Dr. Rainer Krügel, the Head Physician of Pneumology.

When the Lung Cancer Center Treuenbrietzen was certified by the German Cancer Society in 2012 after an elaborate audit, this confirmed the excellent reputation that the specialist clinic had earned over many years. Last but not least, it meant that a proven specialist in lung cancer was honored who, together with his competent team, stands for comprehensive care: Dr. Rainer Krügel.

As Head Physician of General Pneumology in the network of the Specialist Clinic for Pneumology, Thoracic Surgery and Allergology, Dr. Krügel and his team offer the entire range of diagnostics and therapy of bronchial carcinomas - completely. In the interdisciplinary cooperation with all experts crucial for a positive course of the disease, Dr. Krügel thus ensures the optimal individual treatment of all patients, including personal environment.

Certified Competence Center

The appointment as a Competence Center of the German Cancer Society for diagnostics and therapy of bronchial carcinoma - so the official title - had a signal effect far beyond the region. After the German Society for Thoracic Surgery also certified the Thoracic Center, the clinic was the only one in the state of Brandenburg with this double certification - and one of only a few clinics in German-speaking countries. This is another reason why patients have long since come not only from Berlin and Brandenburg: The high reputation also attracts international guests who want to benefit from the experience of the specialist and his team.

At the same time, Dr. Rainer Krügel is always aware that anyone who is diagnosed with bronchial carcinoma is confronted with many new stresses and strains. As a rule, the entire family is confronted with major challenges. For this reason alone, patients should already rely on the experience of an absolute specialist at the time of diagnosis, who can reliably determine the stage of the disease. After all, the choice of therapy - and thus the prognosis for survival - is crucially dependent on this.

Crucial for bronchial carcinomas: Choosing the right therapy

The first question that arises during diagnostics is: Will it be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis? Finally, the planning and implementation of the respective therapy, which is always precisely tailored to the personal needs of the patient, is particularly important. When will surgery be performed - and what will the procedure look like? Will radiation therapy be included in the treatment? When will chemotherapy be used? These questions are of great importance in order to be able to offer optimal care before, during and after therapy.

Thus, the patient's impairment is recorded as accurately as possible in all areas. This is also important because efficient therapy always focuses on the patient's quality of life. Life expectancy is also always taken into account in Treuenbrietzen.

Always personally: contact persons you can rely on

The range of services offered by Lung Cancer Center Treuenbrietzen also includes, of course, aftercare. For this purpose, Dr. Krügel and his team offer an outpatient tumor consulting hour. The fact that comprehensive care with a smooth transition is important to the team headed by the director of the Lung Cancer Center is also reflected in the personal commitment of everyone involved: Here, patients always deal with the same contact persons.

So it's almost a family atmosphere in the Pneumology Department and the Lung Cancer Center in Treuenbrietzen - and patients can always rely on the comprehensive care of one of the most important health centers in the whole of Brandenburg, where around 600 employees from all areas are available for every possible case.

Comprehensive care at every stage

And if therapy reaches its medical limits, there is also a palliative unit within the center, where Dr. Krügel demonstrates his exceptional empathy in addition to his professional expertise. It is close to the heart of the experienced specialist that the Lung Cancer Center cares for its patients to the fullest extent at every stage of the disease.

But it is not only in the field of lung cancer that Dr. Krügel has exceptional expertise. He has specialized in practically the entire spectrum of diseases related to the lungs. In addition to classic pneumonia, these include chronic obstructive respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or emphysema - and work-related lung diseases such as asbestosis or the so-called baker's asthma.

Specialty: sleep-related breathing disorders

Whether it is pump failure of the lungs, pleural diseases or pleurisy, asthma or tuberculosis - Dr. Rainer Krügel is also familiar with genetic diseases of the lungs and pleura and has another focus on rare lung diseases. One of his particular specialties, in which he has also gained international recognition, concerns the diagnosis of sleep-related breathing disorders. In addition to central sleep apnea syndrome, these include obstructive snoring or problems of hypoventilation.

Dr. Krügel has made a name for himself as an expert in snoring therapy. Dr. Krügel is also considered an expert in respiratory medicine - for example, when it comes to weaning from ventilators.

State-of-the-art medical technology: new building occupied in 2019

The fact that Dr. Krügel and his team treat patients with state-of-the-art equipment is easily documented: In 2019, they moved into a new building for the Pulmonary Clinic, which, in addition to innovative comfort for patients, also means shorter distances for the competent team of specialists. Last but not least, the patients in the Pulmonary Clinic also benefit from the reorganization of the medical areas based on international standards.

The Pulmonary Specialist Clinic, by the way, was relocated from the old Belitz sanatoriums to the Johanniter Hospital in Treuenbrietzen in 1998. Today, the old sanatoriums form the largest area monument in Brandenburg. Of course, people are proud of these historical roots in the attractive "Sabinchenstadt" with its medieval town center. The idyllic little town in a beautiful region invites visitors to relax - and offers, for example, relatives of patients welcome diversion. A trip to Berlin, just seventy kilometers away, may also be on the agenda.

Despite all the historical awareness of a clinic steeped in tradition, the focus is naturally on the future - the future of a state-of-the-art clinic and a certified Lung Cancer Center with an international reputation.
Therapeutic Services

The Lung Cancer Center provides its patients with full care at every stage of the disease. We enable comprehensive care with smooth transitions "under one roof" and, especially important for those affected, with the same contact persons:

  • outpatient and inpatient diagnostics
  • planning and implementation of therapy in all spectrums: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy according to individual needs
  • optimal care before, during and after therapy
  • affiliated palliative unit
  • organization and implementation of aftercare in outpatient tumor consulting hours


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Lung Cancer Center Treuenbrietzen

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