Dr. - Thomas Papathemelis - (Department of) Gynecological oncology -

PD Dr. Thomas Papathemelis

Specialist for gynaecological oncology, breast cancer, gynaecology and obstetrics at the Endometriosis Centre in Amberg, Upper Palatinate

Dr. - Thomas Papathemelis - (Department of) Gynecological oncology -
As an experienced gynaecologist, PD Dr. Papathemelis specialises in female cancers, where he also excels in minimally invasive surgery. Above all, as head of the two certified centres for gynaecological tumour diseases and breast cancer, he has a reputation that extends far beyond the region.

About us PD Dr. Thomas Papathemelis

Whether it is breast cancer, cancer of the ovaries, uterus, vagina or vulva - there are many malignant tumours that only women have to deal with. Especially in recent years, many treatment successes have shown that modern gynaecology has managed to take decisive steps in the right direction within this speciality through the well-founded interaction of different therapeutic methods. Responsible for this positive development are primarily highly specialised physicians who have focused with great commitment on forms of gynaecological oncology. These are specialists like PD Dr. med. Thomas Papathemelis.

Patients looking for high-class medical care in the greater Amberg area in the Upper Palatinate have an address that is of international calibre. This is so because at the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the St. Marien Hospital in Amberg, the head physician PD Dr. med. Thomas Papathemelis is an experienced specialist with a special reputation.

With his outstanding expertise and enormous versatility, PD Dr. Papathemelis is impressive in all areas of his wide-ranging discipline. Whether it is about wanting a child, about the professional and empathetic care of a pregnancy, about endometriosis or fibroids, at this clinic women can feel they are in the best of hands: The head physician of the renowned facility is an experienced specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics who is also proficient in the field of perinatology at university level - and he is a recognised specialist in gynaecological oncology who is familiar with innovative minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Centre for Breast Cancer: certified quality

Breast cancer is still the most common cancer in women. But the chances of recovery have almost doubled since the turn of the millennium alone - also because dedicated specialists like PD Dr. med. Thomas Papathemelis rely on intensive cooperation between a wide range of medical disciplines. For him, it is important to be able to rely not only on the competent team in his own clinic: In Amberg, in addition to gynaecologists and specialised breast surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, radiotherapists, oncologists and psychosomatics work hand in hand - along specially trained staff from areas such as nursing, documentation and secretariat. Thus, everything is done to offer the best possible treatment to women suffering from breast cancer.

Also certified: Centre for Gynaecological Tumour Diseases

With the Centre for Gynaecological Tumour Diseases at the St. Marien Hospital in Amberg, PD Dr. med. Thomas Papathemelis heads another institution whose charisma also extends far beyond the Upper Palatinate region: All cancers of the female genital organs are treated here. As in the case of breast cancer, the interdisciplinary approach also applies here according to contemporary standards of medical development - from precise diagnostics and conservative, i.e. non-invasive treatment methods and surgery, to expert aftercare.

In all his operations, Dr. Papathemelis draws motivation from a fascination that seized the dedicated physician way back in his early age. When it comes to modern procedures in minimally invasive surgery, he always keeps up to date, also through his international networks. In gynaecology, so-called keyhole operations are also an important aspect for making a diagnosis, for example in the treatment of fibroids. The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the better the chances of recovery. The fact that the expertise of the surgeon is also of great importance for the success of the treatment is another crucial factor. However, if an operation cannot be performed minimally invasively, patients can rely on the fact that all procedures are performed by experienced specialists in gynaecological oncology.

At both centres, it is important that the consistently high quality of medical care is repeatedly subjected to external controls. Therefore, certification of the centres is regularly on the agenda, which also examines the extensive experience, as evidenced by the high number of cases, for example. This also spurs PD Dr. med Thomas Papathemelis on - as does the fact that he often has to deal with young women "of reproductive age" who take their life planning into their own hands, both privately and professionally.



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