Prof. - Markus Wallwiener - (Department of) Gynecological oncology -

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Wallwiener

Specialist for gynecological oncology, obstetrics in Heidelberg

Prof. - Markus Wallwiener - (Department of) Gynecological oncology -
Prof. Wallwiener has made a name for himself as an extraordinary specialist in many areas - for example, with the treatment of myomas or with demanding minimally invasive tumor surgeries. Incidentally, the extremely popular and highly regarded Department of Obstetrics is mainly in the hands of his wife Stefanie, who is also a professor.

About us Prof. Dr. med. Markus Wallwiener

Heidelberg University Hospital has an excellent reputation in every area: from medical care to research and teaching. Patients at the world-famous facility with its great tradition come not only from the Rhine-Neckar region, but from all over Germany – and even from all over the world. With the appointment of Dr Markus Wallwiener as Chief Senior Physician, the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics has demonstrated that it wants to preserve this tradition in the future.

Chief Senior Physician in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Coordinator of the Centre for Gynaecological Cancer, Director of the Centre for Gynaecological Malignancies: these are just three of the numerous roles held by Dr Markus Wallwiener at the renowned Heidelberg University Hospital – where innovative top-class medicine has always been at home.

The specialist’s level of expertise is clear to see at the interdisciplinary Myoma Centre in Heidelberg, which he heads. Here, Dr Wallwiener and his team offer the entire spectrum of myoma treatment – of course, at the cutting edge of science and technology. Dr Wallwiener is a proven expert in drug treatment methods and knows that surgical therapies are not always appropriate.

Tailored therapy approaches: Head of the Myoma Centre

Dr Wallwiener only operates when conservative treatments are no longer successful – and even then, he will opt for the least invasive approach. The fact that he already has a wealth of experience in this field is also confirmed by the Gynaecological Endoscopy Association (AGE), which certified him at the highest level, MIC III: the MIC-III qualification is awarded to specialists who can not only demonstrate having performed a high number of operations but also master the demanding operative spectrum of gynaecological endoscopy. It also demonstrates that Dr Wallwiener is a master of particularly complex laparoscopic procedures.

The team at the Myoma Centre works closely with the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, particularly when it comes to patients suffering from uterine fibroids. In interdisciplinary case discussions, the findings and the women’s symptoms and lifestyle are reviewed together until a tailored treatment concept is agreed upon. The maxim is always that the uterus should be preserved wherever possible.

The specialist’s holistic approach is also reflected in the fact that patients at the interdisciplinary Myoma Centre are supported by a broad network of pain therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists in addition to the clinical treatments. Self-help groups are also offered.

Competent coordination: Centre for Gynaecological Malignancies

Dr Markus Wallwiener’s enormous spectrum ranges from treatment planning in all aspects of operative gynaecology and the treatment of breast cancer to gynaecological surgery – his main area of expertise. As Coordinator of the Centre for Gynaecological Cancer and Director of the Centre for Gynaecological Malignancies, he leads a competent team that combines all the skills available in the university town of Heidelberg.

This ensures the best possible treatment for every patient suffering from cancer of the genitals. As a renowned senior mammary surgeon, Dr Wallwiener is also very familiar with surgery and other treatments for breast cancer. Here, too, he accompanies his patients during diagnosis and treatment with empathy and expertise.

Holistic approach: additional training in health economics (MHBA)

In addition, Dr Wallwiener also specialises in the field of economics. In order to familiarise himself with the economisation of the health care system, he completed a part-time training course to become a “Master of Health Business” – a health economist. This educates executives in the health care sector in business administration and related fields. This also shows the specialist’s holistic and interdisciplinary approach and his desire to learn about other points of view. Not only does Heidelberg University Hospital benefit from this, but patients also benefit from his specialist knowledge, for example, in organisation theory.

Most people think of one topic more than any other when they think of the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics: pregnancy and birth. And of course, Dr Markus Wallwiener is also a specialist – and lecturer – in obstetrics. However, he likes to share his duties in this area with the Deputy Head of Obstetrics: Dr Stephanie Wallwiener – his wife.

Together with a highly competent team, Dr Stephanie Wallwiener offers parents-to-be all the assurance they need. In addition, obstetrics is practised at a top level, which can already be seen in the holistic treatment planning and the great empathy of the leading specialists: absolute specialists in care during pregnancy and birth are at work here.

Specialist field: gentle obstetrics

Dr Markus Wallwiener and Dr Stephanie Wallwiener take care of expectant mothers (and fathers) from the very first pregnancy examination to the delivery – and accompany them throughout the beautiful experience of birth together with their high level of expertise. This ensures maximum safety for mother and child at all times. From prenatal diagnostics to treatments on the unborn child such as first-trimester screening, malformation diagnostics and Doppler sonography to an extremely gentle birth, in which the wishes of the expectant parents are always taken into account – the specialists have a command of the entire field of obstetrics.

The pair’s passion for obstetrics and perinatology can also be seen in another project: the two have developed a concept that aims to prevent psychological stress during pregnancy and offers those affected easy access to support. The “Mind: Pregnancy” project, which has already won several awards, will enable 15,000 pregnant women in Baden-Württemberg to be examined for signs of psychological stress and to consult experienced psychologists. Pregnant women under particular stress even receive online-based mindfulness training as part of a clinical study. For example, expectant mothers are trained in behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based methods to learn how to deal with fears, worries and physical changes.

As with everything that Dr Wallwiener tackles, the aim is to use professional quality, expertise and a high degree of empathy for the benefit of his patients: this is how women’s health is being developed today! As mentioned at the beginning: At Heidelberg University Hospital, the renowned specialist is part of a long tradition of doctors who have always focused on patient care, research and teaching.



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