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Specialists for Internistic oncology, Neurology, Psychosomatic medicine, Prevention & precautions, Pain Medicine, Metabolic disorders in Münstertal (Schwarzwald)

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Dr. - Christoph Gassmann - GASSMANN MEDICAL
GASSMANN MEDICAL Specialists for Internistic oncology, Neurology, Psychosomatic medicine, Prevention & precautions, Pain Medicine, Metabolic disorders in Münstertal (Schwarzwald)
+49 7636 8753000 (Landline at local rates)
The Practice Clinic Dr. Gaßmann impresses with a first-class range of integrative medicine, which is all about the balance of all biological systems. The duo of specialists, supported by a strong team, helps the patients to develop natural forces - for example in the fight against pain.

Our doctors

Dr. - Christoph Gassmann - Internistic oncology -

Dr. Christoph Gassmann

Dr. - Eva Gassmann - Internistic oncology -

Dr. Eva Gassmann

Special Clinical Focus

  • Integrative Oncology
  • Integrative Pain Therapy
  • Preventive medicine
  • Detox - environmental medicine
  • Mitochondrial medicine
  • Neural therapy


After over 20 years of experience as physicians, we understand the treatment of patients with their chronic conditions and their desire for well-being and for maintaining their health as a complex exercise. In order to achieve the greatest possible treatment success, we have expanded our diagnostic and therapeutic range with many, sometimes innovative techniques from the field of integrative medicine over the last 10 years. Precise knowledge of the function of the biological systems of the body is of great importance to us. Functional disorders of the immune system, the autonomic nervous system, the hormone balance, the intestinal microbiome and the mitochondria (energy generators of the cells) can play a significant role in the development of chronic conditions. Deficiency conditions (vitamins, minerals and trace elements, etc.), exposure to environmental toxins (e.g. heavy metals) or due to chronic infection (e.g. herpes viruses, borreliae) and due to chronic centers of inflammation (e.g. in the area of the teeth) can cause these functional disorders. As a rule, a genetic predisposition is not the sole cause of the development of a medical condition.

The sum of genetics and the factors listed above will decide whether a condition erupts, how it progresses and whether an improvement in health or even healing is possible. This opens up many options for improving our health, both in prevention and as a chronically ill patient. The strength of conventional medicine, in our opinion, is in the field of acute medicine. But for chronic conditions, we also increasingly have recourse to established treatments, if these are necessary in our view. We are very fortunate to have gained a great wealth of conventional medical experience over the course of our comprehensive clinical training and during our time working in a statutory health insurance practice, as the basis of our current work. The focus of integrative medicine is on the causal treatment of deficiency conditions and exposures, as well as on the regulation of individual dysfunctions which promote medical conditions. In our experience, the suppression of symptoms alone makes no sense in the long term. But even on the symptom level, there are alternatives to conventional medications, which can be utilized in the long term with very good tolerance. We utilize a wide spectrum of biological agents and innovative techniques in integrative medicine in order to provide you with as great a chance of improvement as possible.

Diagnostic Services

Comprehensive diagnostics: Identification of factors promoting medical conditions

Precise familiarity with factors causing disease forms the basis for all therapeutic recommendations in our practice. Here, this means recognizing possible exposures, deficiency conditions and functional disorders of the biological systems. This applies both to the treatment of chronic conditions and to preventive concepts. In the process, we work with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques.


  • Ultrasound
  • EKG
  • Lung function test
  • ABI index (vascular status)


  • Complete Internistic status
  • Micronutrients
  • Hormones
  • Stress diagnostics
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Immune status
  • Food intolerances
  • Inflammation cytokines, histamine intolerance
  • Immunological activity (LTT test) e.g. for borreliae, Epstein-Barr virus, metals
  • Tumor markers
  • Biological markers in cancer conditions (metabolic typing)
  • Bioenergetic health index
  • Stool analyses: microbiomes, Inflammation activity


  • Energy condition of the body
  • Regulation capability
  • Energy condition of the 13 physical systems
  • Therapeutic capability
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Stress resistance


  • Determination of the functional condition of the autonomic nervous system
  • Overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system: e.g. in chronic stress, inflammation and pain
  • The parasympathetic activity is vital for regeneration and healing
  • An autonomic dysbalance is present in many chronic conditions.


  • Determination of the body’s oxygen consumption
  • Indirect measurement of the activity of the mitochondria (energy generators of the cells)
  • Determination of fat burning
Therapeutic Services

Together with a genetic predisposition, disorders of the cell metabolism and self-regulation also underlie most chronic conditions. Whether you suffer from cancer, from rheumatism or from chronic fatigue, the same regulatory disorders are frequently on hand. Thanks to the targeted treatment of the respective regulatory disorders, we have developed successful concepts for a variety of chronic conditions, which concentrate on the causes of the pathogenesis. Treatment for all chronic conditions that gets to the root of the problem.

Integrative Oncology

Thanks to our previous work in the Department of Tumor Biology in Freiburg and regular advanced training, we are very familiar with the techniques of classic oncology. Cellular regulatory disorders and other conditions underlie cancer conditions. These require a multimodal therapeutic concept. Within the framework of integrative oncology, we utilize promising biological agents, hyperthermia and chemotherapy (low-dose and targeted).

The 4 pillars of Integrative Oncology:

  • Milieu therapy
  • Hyperthermia
  • Cytotoxic therapy
  • Immunomodulation

Milieu therapy: The energy metabolism of cancer cells and healthy cells differs substantially. Energy production via the cellular respiration in the mitochondria (the energy generators of the cells) is abnormal in cancer cells. In order to cover its large energy requirement, the cancer cell utilizes an alternate and less efficient metabolic route: the fermentation of glucose in the cytoplasm. The lactic acid (lactate) accumulating in the process is transported into the intracellular tissue surrounding the cancer cell (extracellular matrix) where it forms a so-called “acid mantle” around the cancer cell. Hence, the cancer cell protects itself both from chemotherapy and radiotherapy attack and from the patient’s own immune system. The acidic environment also helps the tumor to spread and metastasize. In order to treat the abnormal cell milieu, we utilize ProcCluster (procaine-base infusion), dichloracetate and germanium.


Local hyperthermia: Together with its direct cell-destroying effect, local deep hyperthermia can enhance the effect of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological cancer medication such as amygdalin (B17), artesunate, high-dose vitamin C and curcumin. Whole body hyperthermia: In whole body hyperthermia, the body temperature is raised to between 38.5 and 40.5 degrees Celsius (moderate hyperthermia). As with a natural fever, this leads to a massive immunostimulation. Hyperthermia can enhance the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Apart from the treatment of cancer conditions, whole body hyperthermia is also very effective in e.g. chronic borreliosis, allergies, fibromyalgia, rheumatic conditions, chronic fatigue, depression and in support of heavy metal detoxification.

Cytotoxic therapy

When a tumor cannot be completely removed or metastases have formed, our objective is to achieve long-term control of the cancer growth by the application of biological cancer medications and low-dose chemotherapy. In this manner, it is absolutely possible to live with a tumor condition with a good quality of life, even over a very long period. For this, we utilize the following substances:

  • Biological cancer therapy: amygdalin (B17), artesunate, curcumin, high-dose vitamin C, selenium, etc.
  • Low-dose chemotherapy: The effect of the chemotherapy is enhanced many times over by insulin. Thus, the dose can be decreased to as low as 20% of the usual dose. This technique is called IPT (insulin potentiated chemotherapy).


Oncology treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy frequently result in a permanent weakness of the immune system. A dysfunction of the immune system, which initially made the onset of the condition possible, is often present prior to the onset of the cancer condition. An intact immune system, however, is crucial for the prevention of recurrence or metastasis. The restoration of immunocompetence is a fixed component of biological tumor therapy. We utilize the following techniques and substances for this: thymus, selenium, vitamin C, hyperthermia, mistletoe, vital-field technology.

Environmental medicine / detox: Heavy metals and other toxins affect the biochemical and biophysical properties of the cells and the extracellular matrix. They significantly reduce e.g. the function of the mitochondria (see above), the cell membrane and various enzymes. Exposure to heavy metals or other toxins promotes the emergence of chronic condition such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychological conditions such as depression, etc. For more severe exposure to heavy metals, we perform detox therapy using so-called chelating agents (dimercapto propanesulfonic acid and alpha lipoic acid). For better toleration and in order to enhance the effect, a procaine-base infusion in the form of ProcCluster (see above) is performed on commencing the treatment since chelating agents have a higher binding capacity in an alkaline environment.

Integrative Pain Therapy: The overacidification of the tissues is crucial in the development and management of chronic pain. In an acidic environment, pain receptors send a very much stronger signal than where there is a normal pH. In addition, exposure to environmental toxins (e.g. heavy metals) and the associated inflammatory response very frequently play a crucial role. Another important enhancing factor is the impaired balance of the autonomic nervous system. Where the sympathetic nervous system is outbalanced, pain signals are conducted more intensely into the central nervous system, where they are also more intensely perceived. Deficiency states (e.g. hormone deficiency in menopause) can also facilitate the development of chronic pain. We utilize the following treatments in Integrative Pain Therapy:

  • Liebscher and Bracht pain therapy
  • Neural therapy with procaine and procaine-base infusions
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy by means of biological agents: curcumin, frankincense, omega-3 fatty acids, alpha lipoic acid, etc.
  • Vital-field therapy
  • HiToP pain therapy

Neural therapy

The objective of neural therapy is the balancing of the autonomic nervous system. An overbalance of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system frequently develops due to many stressors. We utilize the medication procaine in neural therapy. Procaine is either systemically infused in conjunction with the base buffer, sodium hydrogen carbonate (ProcCluster or procaine-base infusion), or injected locally into the skin, into the musculature, at or into blood vessels and at nerves or ganglia (nerve cell nodes). The effect of procaine (inter alia): inhibits inflammation processes, reduces the sense of pain, promotes perfusion into the capillary system, promotes lymphatic drainage, supports deacidification, supports detoxification, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, reduces stress due to the reduction of the sympathetic nervous system, supports the parasympathetic activity (a prerequisite for self-healing), helps in overcoming psychological problems by “resetting” the limbic system, promotes the production of serotonin (happiness hormone), etc. Indications for neural therapy: Pain therapy, sinusitis, bronchitis, recurrent tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils), susceptibility to infection, bronchial asthma, vertigo, tinnitus, acute hearing loss, dental infections, irritable colon, menstrual pain, libido disorder (in men and women), erectile dysfunction, prostate conditions, irritable bladder and urge incontinence, chronic wounds, polyneuropathy, circulatory disorders of the legs, Sudeck’s disease, etc.

Mitochondrial medicine

The mitochondria are the “energy generators” of the cells. Over the course of your life, you may be upset by various stressors. The energy deficit caused by this leads not only to fatigue and lack of energy, but also to the development of a wide range of chronic conditions. We perform the following treatments in order to regenerate the mitochondria:

  • Heavy metal detoxification
  • Regeneration of reversible damage to the mitochondria by means of infusion therapy with vitamins, trace elements and amino acids
  • Regeneration of the mitochondria by means of vital-field therapy (electromagnetic frequency therapy) in parallel with infusion therapy
  • Elimination of irreversibly damaged mitochondria by means of intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic therapy (IHHT)

Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic therapy (IHHT)

IHHT describes cell training, which increases the number of active and productive mitochondria in the cells. IHHT leads not only to an increase in the energy of the cell, it also improves stress resistance and the regeneration capability of the organism and stimulates the immune system. Lack of oxygen in the cell is one of the most significant causes of chronic conditions, from chronic fatigue syndrome to cancer. The effect of IHHT comparable to high-altitude (up to 21,000 feet (6,500 meters)) altitude training; thanks to the alternation between hypoxia and hyperoxia, IHHT is clearly even more efficient. A gym for the cells: You lie or sit relaxed on a couch or in a massage chair, while you breathe in oxygen in various concentrations through a breathing mask, without exertion or shortness of breath. This alternation between lower and higher oxygen content (hypoxia and hyperoxia) places stress on the mitochondria, which leads to severely damaged mitochondria dying off. Less damaged mitochondria regenerate and multiply thanks to the IHHT. In addition, the oxygen uptake capacity of the cell is improved, whereby the cell’s energy increases again.

Preventive medicine

We provide comprehensive check-up examinations, which, together with the internistic diagnostics, includes an analysis of the functionality of your biological systems and your deficiency conditions and exposures. Even if you still have few or no symptoms and a serious diagnosis is still not established, deficiencies, exposures or disorders of your biological systems may be on hand. If these are corrected, your chances of staying healthy and of feeling generally well at an advanced age also increase considerably.

Stress medicine

Chronic stressors are ubiquitous: Increasing demands at work, noise, light, electrosmog, environmental toxins, overstimulation due to the media and communication constitute a mounting burden and can overload the body's own regulation mechanisms. Stress medicine is aimed toward identifying individual stressors and, if possible, deactivating these or, where this is not possible, increasing the resistance to stress. Various therapeutic techniques are available for this in our practice:

  • Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic therapy (IHHT)
  • Vital-field technology
  • Neural therapy and procaine-base infusion
  • Infusion therapy with amino acids, vitamins and mineral supplements
  • Whole body hyperthermia

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