Dr - Ludwig Kohn - Knee surgery -

Dr Ludwig Kohn

Specialist for knee surgery in Landshut, Isar

Achdorfer Weg 3
84036 Landshut, Isar
+49 871 95139001 (Landline at local rates)
Dr - Ludwig Kohn - Knee surgery -
Dr Ludwig Kohn Specialist for knee surgery in Landshut, Isar
+49 871 95139001 (Landline at local rates)
Dr Kohn has focused on the knee with great dedication. As a result, he has achieved such a high degree of specialisation that he is familiar with all disorders of the knee joint down to the smallest detail – whether it concerns the cartilage, meniscus or kneecap. He also has enormous expertise in sports traumatology.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Treatment of anterior (ACL) and posterior (ACL) cruciate ligament injuries
  • Treatment of collateral ligament injuries
  • Treatment of meniscus injuries
  • Treatment of cartilage injuries including cartilage cell transplants
  • Correction of axial malalignments (repositioning operations)
  • Treatment of patellar instabilities
  • Arthroscopically assisted treatment of fractures

About us Dr Ludwig Kohn

When a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery focuses with all his passion on a single joint, word quickly gets around among people far and wide. In Landshut, Lower Bavaria, which is known as a sports city, not only for ice hockey, and as a hiking centre, Dr Ludwig Kohn MD, has an excellent reputation as a knee specialist. Patients can even benefit from his high level of expertise at two locations: the Landshut-Achdorf Hospital, where he works as a senior physician, and at the group practice "Orthopädie Mühleninsel" directly beside the River Isar.

Knee disorders can occur quickly in a well-known and popular sports region such as the Landshut region. Then it is important to be able to call upon a specialist who is familiar with all facets of this very complex joint and is an expert in all its disorders, diseases or injuries. Ludwig Kohn, MD, is one such a physician: This experienced specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, who holds the additional title of special trauma surgeon, has plenty of experience in all areas of the musculoskeletal system, but is considered an absolute expert especially in questions concerning the knee joint.

Cartilage damage, injuries to the meniscus, patella instabilities, cruciate ligament tears or joint fractures – the knee specialist Dr Kohn knows the entire spectrum of knee treatments. He also has extensive experience in problems of the collateral ligaments or axial malalignment. And he knows the appropriate treatment in each case. His goal is to offer precise treatments in an individual overall concept and, ideally, to achieve success with a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art conservative treatment methods such as pain therapy, infiltration or physiotherapy.

Experienced knee physician – also for sports injuries

If an operation cannot be avoided, Dr Ludwig Kohn uses modern surgical procedures, mostly minimally invasive techniques. He is also an expert in the entire range of demanding knee procedures, supported by innovative equipment, such as a 3D image intensifier with three-dimensional imaging and computer tomography during surgery. Ideal conditions for a knee surgeon certified by the German Knee Society (Deutsche Kniegesellschaft e.V.)!

As a senior physician at the Clinic for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery at Landshut-Achdorf Hospital, it is part of Dr Kohn's daily routine to deal with acute injuries, and to make correct and important decisions in a matter of seconds. People who turn to the region's central health care provider with joint wear and tear, for example, also benefit from this routine. And Dr Kohn also has a wealth of experience in endoprosthetics: Anyone who is fitted with an artificial knee joint by him can rely on receiving a prosthesis that is state of the art.

Comprehensive care at two locations

At the "Orthopädie Mühleninsel” practice, which is equally professionally equipped, Dr Kohn is regarded as a prime example of contemporary high-performance orthopaedics with his specialisation. The philosophy of this group practice, which is exemplary in every respect, not only includes the fact that all orthopaedic and sports traumatology disorders are treated here by appropriately skilled specialists. An essential approach of the group practice with its feel-good atmosphere is the concept of prevention: At the "Mühleninsel", orthopaedic disorders are prevented in the best case through top-class preventive care. Due to his excellent knowledge in diagnostics, Dr Kohn fits perfectly into the team.

Dr Kohn performs outpatient and inpatient operations as part of his work at the "Orthopädie Mühleninsel" and at Landshut Achdorf Hospital. So people who have knee problems in Lower Bavaria can easily contact one of the two addresses.


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