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Basem Alabud

Expert in urology and paediatric urology in Böblingen

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Basem Alabud - Urology -
Basem Alabud Expert in urology and paediatric urology in Böblingen
+49 7031 2089003 (Landline at local rates)
Basem Alabud covers the entire field of modern urology, from comprehensive diagnostics in urological oncology and treatment for urinary tract infections, irritable bladder and incontinence to treatment for prostate cancer. The experienced consultant also has a high level of expertise in paediatric urology.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Prostate cancer: Diagnosis and treatment
  • Urological early detection of cancer
  • Vasectomy

About us Basem Alabud

Basem Alabud knew at any early stage which field of medicine he wanted to specialise in: as early as during his degree in Medicine, he was fascinated by the interesting and extremely varied field of urology. Thanks to this specialism, he provides a full range of services in all areas of this field, i.e. for conditions of the kidneys, bladder, ureter and urethra. The female urinary tract has some specificities and additional conditions are found in male patients, of which Dr Basem Alabud also has an excellent understanding: this includes conditions of the testicles and epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle, penis and prostate. Since 2020, men, women and children in the region surrounding Böblingen have had the opportunity to benefit from the high level of expertise provided by this physician at the established practice called “Urologie Böblingen”.

When Basem Alabud took over “Urologie Böblingen” in 2020, this was a dream come true for the consultant: he was finally able to fully dedicate his time to his specialty of urology in a practice with top-class facilities. Even though he has previously worked as a consultant in the field of urology at various German hospitals, at his own practice he is able to dedicate himself to the specific fields in the discipline of urology in which he has particular expertise, from innovative diagnostic methods and the expert treatment of urological conditions to full rehabilitation.

Basem Alabud places great value on targeted diagnostics. He decided to move to the practice in Böblingen in part thanks to the particularly excellent facilities there, which include modern ultrasound devices. This allows him and his team to carry out ultrasound investigations with the highest level of precision, for preventive medicine or for conditions of the kidneys or bladder. Transrectal sonography, i.e. ultrasound examinations of the prostate, are also carried out at the practice.

Comprehensive diagnostics with state-of-the-art procedures

An investigative method in which Basem Alabud also achieves high-precision results is colour duplex sonography. This is often used when investigating the kidneys. This procedure offers the advantage that it is entirely pain-free and works without any x-ray exposure. For an expert like Basem Alabud, colour duplex sonography offers a high level of accuracy when investigating the renal arteries and also allows him to identify and measure expansion or constriction.

This procedure is also used for examining the testicles and epididymis, for example in cases where a patient is experiencing testicular pain or in the event of a suspected testicular tumour. The penis, or more precisely the erectile tissue, can also be studied precisely by the consultant using colour duplex sonography. This may relate to erectile issues but also specific conditions of the penis such as curvature or tumours.

Important preventive care: Expert in prostate cancer

Anyone looking for a recommendation in the Stuttgart area for the purposes of prevention when it comes to the prostate should definitely contact “Urologie Böblingen” by Basem Alabud. He has a thorough understanding of all treatment options for prostate cancer and all diagnosis methods. The particular importance of prevention is due to a specificity of prostate cancer: this type of cancer generally develops in an entirely pain-free manner, which is even the case up to the late stages of the disease. The treatment options for prostate cancer have improved significantly in recent years and modern medicine has progressed thanks to new diagnostic methods too. Basem Alabud uses elastography, an innovative diagnostic imaging method, which is predominantly used as an additional diagnostic method for prostate cancer. With this pain-free investigation that does not have any risks or side effects associated with it, the Böblingen-based expert is often able to exclude prostate cancer and reassure patients.

Unlike conventional ultrasound, elastography allows the expert to clearly visualise areas where there are suspected tumours. With elastography, an ultrasound probe is used to compress and decompress the prostate with gentle pressure movements. The areas in which there is prostate cancer are less easy to compress and they are shown in colour using this method. Thanks to the imaging of the area of tissue where there is a suspicion there may be prostate cancer, the probability of diagnosing a tumour has been significantly increased and is now three times more likely.

Prostate cancer: Early detection and preventive measures

The PSA test is also used for the early detection of prostate cancer in Böblingen. As part of this test, an increased concentration of the prostate-specific antigen is investigated, which allows an experienced consultant to quickly identify whether these increased values are cancer or inflammation, which can, for example, occur in hobby cyclists.

Bladder cancer: Investigations for men and women

The PSA test is also used for the early detection of prostate cancer in Böblingen. As part of this test, an increased concentration of the prostate-specific antigen is investigated, which allows an experienced consultant to quickly identify whether these increased values are cancer or inflammation, which can, for example, occur in hobby cyclists.

Cancer of the urinary system is not associated with pain for a long time either and is therefore not associated with any symptoms. Therefore, it is very important for men and women to have a bladder cancer test. This “forgotten cancer” can affect anyone and is particularly common in smokers. Basem Alabud and his team carry out informative special urine analyses, whereby even a simple urine test can often contribute to early detection. And if cancer is detected, Basem Alabud will ideally start individual treatment right away. In any case, when cancer is detected at an early stage, the chances of successful treatment are better now than ever before.

Innovative treatment for penile curvature

Basem Alabud’s specialty also includes treating penile curvature, both that which is present from birth and acquired penile curvature. Since both types of this condition are fundamentally different, they also need to be treated entirely differently. The curvature of the penis shaft which is present from birth is often first identified in puberty and acquired penile curvature, which is known as IPP, appears in adulthood as a knot formation on the penis. Both cases lead to deformities which generally affect the mental wellbeing of the patient and thus also affect the patient’s sense of self-worth. Basem Alabud has an equally thorough understanding of the diagnostic process and the preparation of individual treatment plans and something that is particularly important is that he has the necessary expertise to distinguish penis curvature present from birth, which is often based on embryonic malformations, from IPP.

Another andrological aspect of urology generally does not just affect men but couples: if men are considering sterilisation, i.e. a vasectomy, patients are in the best of hands with Basem Alabud. The reliability and safety of the procedure are the priorities here as the patient’s vas deferens is tied in this procedure. Since the vas deferens is no longer able to transport sperm cells, this method is known to be the most reliable form of contraception. Something that lots of couples don’t know is that the sperm cells break down in the epididymis but the lack of sperm in the patient’s ejaculate is not visible to the naked eye. However, since a vasectomy is not just a method of contraception, Basem Alabud places great value on guiding patients through a personal discussion, ideally with both people who are affected by this. It is important for a couple to be certain that their family planning is complete before taking this step. If patients are unsure about this, they can talk to the Böblingen-based urologist about it.

Urology for men, women and children

Even though men are the focus of lots of treatment programmes, around forty percent of people who choose to be treated by the empathetic consultant Basem Alabud are women. These women are often young patients who suffer from UTIs but “Urologie Böblingen” also often treats older female patients. The reasons for this range from irritable bladder and kidney conditions to continence issues.

Naturally, Basem Alabud’s practice is also a popular place to turn for children and young people experiencing urological issues. Thanks to his empathetic style, the expert ensures that young people in particular feel comfortable telling him about the problems they are experiencing without any worries or shame, which makes the diagnostic process much easier.

The empathetic manner that this experienced consultant uses when treating patients is also vital in the field of uro-oncology, especially when it comes to cancer. In addition to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and penis tumours, Basem Alabud’s expertise also includes tumours of the bladder, kidney and adrenal gland. The specialist also carries out outpatient surgery at the practice in Böblingen. This also includes the treatment for an overactive bladder, known as irritable bladder, diagnostic cystoscopy of the bladder.

With an extensive educational background: Passionate about urology

Basem Alabud completed his studies in Syria at the Faculty of Medicine at Damascus University. After this, he was finally able to fully concentrate on the field of urology, as a junior doctor at the Municipal Hospital for Urology and Nephrology in Damascus. In 2014, he completed his additional training to become a consultant in urology at various hospitals in Germany, where he passed his consultant examination in 2019. He received his German medical licence back in 2015. After a one-year period spent at Helios Klinikum in Gotha, he then finally moved to his own practice in Böblingen in 2020.

The practice, which is located in the centre of Böblingen, meets all the expert’s standards: patients feel they are receiving the best standard of care as soon as they walk in the door and they are discreetly welcomed and looked after in an environment which creates trust. Basem Alabud always places great value on ensuring that people are made to feel comfortable at “Urologie Böblingen”, from their first contact with the practice to their final treatment.


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