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Prof. - Christian Kunte - Skin Cancer -

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Kunte

Specialist for Skin Cancer, Dermatology in Munich

Artemed Specialist Clinic, Munich
Mozartstrasse 14a – 16

Medical spectrum


  • Acne
  • Basalioma
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Melanoma
  • Skin cancer
  • Spinalioma


  • Mole removal / excision
  • Skin cancer surgery

About us

The skin is the largest human sensory organ and also effectively protects the body from environmental effects. In addition, it fulfils functions in interpersonal relationships – in social circles, smooth, unblemished skin stands for health and youthfulness. The functions of the skin are as diverse as the possible conditions. Skin cancer is a very serious tumour condition, the treatment of which requires wide experience and expertise. But comparatively less serious conditions such as inflammations of the skin, contact allergies and other abnormalities, can also significantly limit the quality of life of those affected. In any case, it is important to be able to turn to an established skin specialist. With the Department of Dermatosurgery and Dermatology, a nationally distinguished skin centre has developed at the ARTEMED Specialist Clinic, Munich. It provides patients with skin conditions and skin problems with the entire range of diagnostic and treatment options in order to provide the affected patients with the best and, at the same time, the most gentle treatment. The range of services of the ARTEMED Specialist Clinic, Munich, and its Senior Consultant, the skin specialist, Prof. Christian Kunte, goes far beyond the range of an out-patients’ practice and stands for the highest treatment quality, with a high degree of patient satisfaction. The treatment does not end with the completed treatment of a condition – in many cases, suitable after-care is also required. Here, the patient is not left alone, but is actively supported in order to promote his long-term recovery. Prof. Kunte has more than 15 years of experience as a specialist in skin and venereal diseases and, as its Senior Consultant, heads the Department of Dermatosurgery and Dermatology. His clinical emphases are dermatosurgery and the diagnosis and treatment hair diseases and hyperhidrosis. Prof. Kunte has published a large number of contributions in specialist publications and is the author of textbooks on his fields of expertise. The skin specialist has also acquired an outstanding reputation as a scientific consultant for national and international specialist journals. He is an office-holder in various specialist associations and is the President of the German Dermatosurgery Association. The ARTEMED Specialist Clinic, however, relies not only on competent specialist personnel, from the Senior Consultant Prof. Kunte to the nursing staff; added to this is the outstanding technical diagnostic and surgical equipment, as well as the outstandingly broadly-based quality assurance measures. At the Specialist Clinic, the satisfaction of the patients comes first. The satisfaction surveys regularly completed by the patients are also evaluated. Thanks to its participation in various independent clinic evaluation institutions, the treatment quality at the Munich specialist clinic is comparable nationwide.

Range of services

Therapeutic Services

  • Microscopically guided surgery for skin tumours
  • Excision, series excision, tissue expansion
  • Tissue transposition, rotation tissue transposition, transposition and flap surgery
  • Free transplants, full thickness graft, split-skin graft, mesh graft
  • Sentinel lymph node extirpation for malignant melanoma – all regions, including head and neck
  • Electrochemotherapy for skin tumours and skin metastases
  • Lip shave
  • Circumcision
  • Rhinoshave for rhinophyma
  • Nail plasty, ulcer treatment, including vacuum therapy, ulcer shaving and transplant covering
  • Cryotherapy
  • Treatment of the underlying condition – causal therapy
  • Conservative treatment with advanced wound dressings
  • Compression therapy
  • Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy (VAC)
  • Advanced ulcer surgery (debridement, shave, split-skin graft)
  • Physiotherapy, gait training, therapeutic exercise and vein exercise (collaboration with external therapists)

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms


  • Medical supervision by the Senior Consultant (or his representative)
  • Accommodation in a single-bed room
  • Accommodation in a 2-bed room
  • Accommodation and catering for a companion


  • Electronically height-variable comfort bed
  • Safe (lockers in some rooms)
  • Dressing gown on request
  • Additional accessories in the bathroom (e.g.. body care set, illuminated make-up mirror) *
  • Minibar *
  • Some rooms with balcony *


  • Free television and standing telephone charges
  • Free fax use and free W-LAN
  • DVD player *
  • Headphones
  • Free selection of daily newspapers


  • A gourmet menu may be selected for lunch in addition to the two standard menus
  • Fresh fruit on arrival
  • A selection of juices and spa water on arrival *
  • Afternoon coffee and cakes
  • Individual catering (for diets, intolerances, etc.)
  • All-day coffee and tea specialities on request
  • Tea-making facilities including a selection of teas in the room

* in single-bed rooms only