Prof. - Martin Wachowski - Knee surgery -

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Wachowski

Specialist for knee surgery in Duderstadt, Lower Saxony

Westertorstraße 7
37115 Duderstadt, Niedersachsen
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Prof. - Martin Wachowski - Knee surgery -
Prof. Dr. med. Martin Wachowski Specialist for knee surgery in Duderstadt, Lower Saxony
+49 5527 9729000 (Landline at local rates)
With the DUO practice in Duderstadt, Prof. Wachowski has made a name for himself as a certified knee surgeon far beyond the southern part of Lower Saxony. Numerous scientific publications also bear witness to his great expertise in the fields of trauma surgery and orthopaedics.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Patellar instability
  • Cartilage damage
  • Cruciate ligament tears
  • Meniscus

About us Prof. Dr. med. Martin Wachowski

Prof. Dr. med. Wachowski’s main focus is on the treatment of the most complex large joint in the body - the knee. In doing so, he has made a name for himself as a specialist in endoprosthetics, i.e. the replacement of parts of a joint or the entire joint that has been damaged or destroyed by arthritic changes or accidents. For joint replacements as well as for patellar instability, Prof. Wachowski uses state-of-the-art surgical procedures, such as MPFL augmentation, in which the patella is fixed in place by a tendon from the patient’s own body in a minimally invasive procedure. The highly complex trochleoplasty, i.e. the reshaping of the bony sliding bearing of the patella, is also a routine procedure for him.
When dealing with cartilage damage, the experienced surgeon has the full spectrum of cartilage surgery at his disposal, including cartilage cell transplantation.

One of the operations most frequently performed by Prof. Dr. med. Martin Wachowski is the replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament after it has been torn, i.e. cruciate ligament reconstruction. This procedure is recommended for patients to avoid secondary damage. However, as a renowned scientist, Prof. Wachowski knows that it is always important to check the quality of operations. That is why he has been following up the results of cruciate ligament replacements for years as part of a large scientific study. The bottom line is that his patients are very satisfied with the outcome of this procedure.

Clear goal: Putting science into practice

Putting the medical care of his patients at the cutting edge of research is a top priority for Prof. Dr. med. Martin Wachowski. This is also apparent from the numerous scientific publications and activities to his credit. For example, he was involved in a research project to develop a knee endoprosthesis with physiological roll-slide behaviour and is head of the spine research section of the Göttingen/Greifswald Biomechanical Working Group, which he had established back in 2006.

The importance that the experienced physician attaches to passing on his knowledge is shown, for example, by the fact that Prof. Wachowski was awarded the teaching prize of the Medical Faculty of the University of Göttingen in 2015 for the elective "Introduction to Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery for Preclinical Students", the concept of which he developed. Since 2006, Prof. Wachowski has also supervised more than twenty doctoral theses in the field of biomechanics of the spine and knee joint. He is also a member of numerous medical societies, including the German Society for Biomechanics, the German Spine Society and the German Knee Society, before which he has also regularly given lectures.

Another specialty: Sports medicine

For years, the DUO practice of Prof. Dr. med. Martin Wachowski, the Duderstadt Trauma Surgery & Orthopaedics, has been a contact point for numerous amateur and professional athletes. Even in the case of sports accidents, the specialist provides care to patients from university in his trauma surgery and orthopaedic practice, which care ranges from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation - and he sees himself and his team as true partners on the road to recovery.

In the case of sports injuries and physical problems caused by sport and exercise, the experienced medical practitioner carries out an analysis, among other things, to determine what caused the complaints. The people concerned benefit from the fact that Prof. Wachowski's research drive does not stop here either and that he is familiar with the most innovative methods, not least due to numerous further training courses he has attended in this field. Here, too, he sees himself as a partner to his patients: He not only takes care of injuries, but also contributes to the modification of training methods with great dedication, when there is need. His physiotherapeutic interventions, which are adapted to the respective complaints and which he proposes individually after thorough examination, have cult status among many amateur and professional athletes in the region around Duderstadt. Because Prof. Wachowski's goal is always clear: He is concerned with enabling sporty people to return to pain-free and, above all, unrestricted mobility with the highest possible level of performance quickly and without discomfort.

Interventions at the highest professional level

In all operations performed by Prof. Dr. med. Martin Wachowski, he naturally selects the most suitable and gentle treatment in consultation with his patients. Prof. Wachowski has, for several years now, also been successfully performing complicated interventions such as revision cruciate ligament plasty in the event of a new tear of the anterior cruciate ligament or reconstruction of the lateral ligaments of the knee joint. During these operations, the latest surgical methods are used, e.g. the ALL augmentation. Interventions on the menisci, which also include total meniscus replacement, are also part of Prof. Wachowski's standard treatment spectrum.

Last but not least, Prof. Wachowski's patients emphasise the fact that the experienced physician puts in a lot of time for discussions and counselling, explains the individual steps of a treatment in detail and closely monitors them both before and after an operation. In other words, those who place themselves in the experienced hands of this specialist, especially with knee injuries or knee disorders, are sure to receive the best care.


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