Dr. - Felix Post - Department of General Cardiology -

PD Dr. med. Felix Post

Specialist for cardiology and internal medicine in Koblenz

Dr. - Felix Post - Department of General Cardiology -
Private Lecturer (‘Privatdozent’) Dr. med. Felix Post is a specialist in cardiology and internal medicine and head physician of the General Internal Medicine/Cardiology Clinic at the Catholic Hospital Koblenz Montabaur. The clinic he heads covers almost the entire spectrum of conservative and interventional cardiology and is the main provider in northern Rhineland-Palatinate. It is one of the top 5 in the state.

About us PD Dr. med. Felix Post

The Catholic Hospital Koblenz Montabaur may not be one of the largest hospitals, but in terms of care in a very important area relating to the heart, the KKM is a main provider for the region. Under the direction of the experienced cardiologist Private Lecturer Dr. med. Felix Post, his clinic was also certified at the highest level: The cardiology department at the KKM is one of the largest in Rhineland-Palatinate. Head physician PD Dr. Post and his qualified team cover almost the entire spectrum of conservative and interventional cardiology. His clinic is a main provider of cardiological treatment in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate. This reassures people in the region that they are well cared for in the event of an acute heart attack and for all other medical issues related to the heart.

PD Dr. Post gained experience at the University Medical Centre of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz for many years, before gradually expanding the cardiology department at the KKM. Today, the Clinic for Internal Medicine, General and Interventional Cardiology and Internal Intensive Care Medicine, which he heads, has state-of-the-art technical equipment with two modern cardiac catheter measuring stations. In particular, patients who experience acute heart attacks benefit from the technical equipment and professional expertise. "We introduced cardiology at the Brüderkrankenhaus at that time because emergency care in the Westerwald was far from satisfactory," PD Dr. Post tells us. Mortality from circulatory disorders of the heart was more than 20 per cent higher than the national average.

PD Dr. Post has overseen expansion of emergency cardiology care in the Westerwald region

PD Dr. Post has contributed to the fact that intensive care or monitoring facilities are available in the region today, and that catheter care can take place on site. This provides people with security in the case of an acute emergency. PD Dr. Post is very concerned with setting up and securing medical care in the region in the best possible way in order to spare the residents here from making long journeys: “Here, the specialist goes to the patient and not the other way around," is how he describes the care situation today, with a sense of satisfaction.

But the KKM is also looking beyond acute emergencies: More complex interventions such as atrial occlusions and biopsies are also performed at the cardiac catheter laboratory in Montabaur. A rotablator is available here for complex cases, which can be used to treat severely calcified blockages in the vessels.

Heart patients can find a specialist around the clock at the KKM

Even when it comes to a pacemaker or ICD implantations (implantable cardioverter defibrillator with the functions of a pacemaker), heart patients are in the best hands with PD Dr. Post and his team. "Blocked coronary vessels can also be diagnosed in the cardiac catheterisation laboratory and opened with a balloon catheter," explains PD Dr. Post. Reassuring for the people in the region is the fact that experts and specialists are on hand to perform these services at the KKM around the clock.

Cooperation with the University Medical Centre Mainz

In the non-invasive field, PD Dr. Post and his team can draw on the latest heart ultrasound equipment with 3D technology, which enables precise imaging of the heart. For him, interdisciplinary cooperation is an important topic, because it stands to benefit the patients. “In dovetailing with the Clinic for Rhythmology, we can provide our patients with almost complete care, and in cooperation with the Clinic for Radiology, we can complete the spectrum with cardio-MRI and cardio-CT," is how he describes the lived cooperation at the KKM.

Personal relationship with the patient

Thanks to his good contacts with the University Medical Centre in Mainz, another fruitful cooperation for the care of patients with complex cardiovascular diseases has been established. Patients requiring minimally invasive heart valve surgery or heart valve replacement now receive joint care at these two institutions: "For interventional heart valve therapy, there is a cooperation with the University Medical Centre in Mainz. We at the KKM take on the qualified initial care and then pass the patients on to the heart specialists at the University Medical Centre Mainz for highly specialised further care," explains PD Dr. Post. It is important to him that the personal care and the relationship with "his" patients are maintained. "Our doctors are also involved in the further treatment of patients at the University Medical Centre in Mainz. This strengthens the bond with our patients," emphasises PD Dr. Post.



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