Professor - Richard Berger - Obstetrics -

Professor Dr. med. Richard Berger

Specialist for Obstetrics, Gynecology in Neuwied

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 59
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+49 2631 4419000 (Landline at local rates)
Professor - Richard Berger - Obstetrics -
Professor Dr. med. Richard Berger Specialist for Obstetrics, Gynecology in Neuwied
+49 2631 4419000 (Landline at local rates)
Prof. Berger stands for modern support during pregnancy, as women can only wish for - even in the most difficult cases. As an experienced perinatal physician, he also assists his patients during and after birth. In addition, he is considered to be highly competent in all questions concerning cancer.

About us Professor Dr. med. Richard Berger

With Professor Dr. Richard Berger, the Clinic for Gynaecology at the Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth Neuwied has a Director who is able to contribute his outstanding expertise and very wide range of skills to the Clinic: The Chief Physician at this renowned institution is not only an experienced consultant in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics, but also specialises in the fields of special obstetrics, perinatal medicine and gynaecological oncology. He is responsible for multiple certified centres at the same time. This means that the Perinatal Centre here, for example, has an excellent reputation far beyond the borders of the local area. This does not come as a surprise because Professor Dr. Berger is, without question, one of the top medics in this field.

He has developed the Neuwied Clinic for Gynaecology into an organisation with an all-round excellent reputation. For Professor Dr. med. Richard Berger it is important to ensure that his patients always receive the highest level of care. In this regard, the experienced consultant places a great deal of importance on the human aspects, as well as medical expertise. In his team, everyone is aware that outstanding patient care is based both on the professional expertise of the employees and respect for the patients who rely on the best standard of support during their time at the Clinic.

This means that patients in Neuwied realise as early as their first consultation that Professor Dr. Berger and his team focus on developing individual treatment methods and therapy approaches, whilst always taking into account personal wishes and ideas. The range of services provided is very wide: It spans from perinatal medicine to obstetrics, from dysplasia consultations to gynaecological surgery and from laparoscopy to the treatment of incontinence. In other words, Professor Dr. Berger and his expert team offer a full range of treatments in the field of gynaecology.

Prenatal and perinatal – always in the best hands

Even though most pregnancies are much less complicated, in Neuwied the dedicated experts in the Clinic Director's team always stay on the safe side when it comes to the results of preventive diagnostic tests. Since it is often more in-depth investigations which enable conclusions to be made about the development and health of the unborn child and the mother, the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics works in close cooperation with other experts, specifically with the Prenatal Medicine and Clinical Genetics Practice in Meckenheim-Bonn-Neuwied. In order to ensure that the patients at the Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth Neuwied receive a first-class complete care package, consultants in this specialist area provide regular consultation sessions at the hospital, which, of course, are provided using state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures in the field of prenatal diagnostics.

Everything relating to pregnancy and birth is thus planned with a great deal of care at the Clinic. In the event that prenatal measures, such as procedures inside the womb, are required, these are carried out in nearby cooperation centres with special support. Patients who place their trust in the Clinic can always rely on the fact that the Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth Neuwied always provides parents-to-be with support when required and in the event that this is requested. An expert team of doctors, psychologists, social workers and pastoral staff is there to provide this support.

With regard to birth, maximum care is provided by the Clinic's Perinatal Centre. In the northern region of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, this Centre even holds the record with around 2,000 births a year. In this regard, the 'door to door' concept has become firmly established with the paediatricians at the Premature ICU. This means that both high-risk and multiple pregnancies receive the highest standard of care.

Experts in premature births – with its own working group

Under the title "Experts for the Prediction of Preterm Birth" or X4PB in short, Professor Dr. med. Richard Berger has set up his own working group in the field of premature births. Based on this principle, he coordinated the guideline for "Prevention and Treatment of Premature Births" for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Prediction and prevention for extremely premature births are still the most difficult tasks in obstetrics – a problem which remains largely unsolved. The numerous treatment options available here place huge demands on gynaecologists and birth clinics. Therefore, Chief Physician Professor Dr. Richard Berger aims to provide qualified consultants with clear support which they can make use of in their work.

A calm atmosphere is created for "normal" births. Expectant mothers receive very empathetic care in a relaxed atmosphere under the motto of "Calm and safe obstetrics". The Clinic in Neuwied provides regular information evenings, where parents-to-be can learn more about the extraordinary concept of a contemporary understanding of modern obstetrics, which is well-known throughout the whole region. This provides an opportunity to consider factors like homeopathy, acupuncture or epidural anaesthesia in consultation with the patient and her family. Giving birth on a birthing stool or in water is possible, whereby, of course, expert monitoring to ensure the well-being of the mother and baby is always the top priority.

This means that the Clinic led by Professor Dr. Richard Berger provides active and timely support, of course. For example, even in the event of a caesarean, the less invasive version is generally selected, for which it is expressly requested that the partner accompanies the patient. The contemporary obstetrics concept in Neuwied also includes integrated puerperal care and rooming-in, as well as the offer of assistance with breastfeeding from nurses with special qualifications in this area.

Gynaecological surgery: a high level of expertise

However, the range of services provided by Professor Dr. med. Richard Berger goes far beyond pregnancy and birth. He has an excellent level of expertise in all surgical procedures in the field of gynaecological surgery. Professor Dr. Berger has developed an excellent reputation in the field of endoscopic surgical methods in particular. As an expert in keyhole surgery, he keeps the level of invasiveness of surgical procedures to a minimum. Since the incisions associated with these procedures are extremely small and only leave very minor scarring, patients recover very quickly. In Neuwied, all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are available, including myoma resection, the removal of the endometrial lining and the full removal of the uterus. In this regard, the minimally invasive procedures for reconstructing the female pelvic floor are particularly innovative.

Cancer and breast centre: certified preferred experts

The certified Gynaecological Cancer Centre has become established as the primary point of contact in the region for patients with malignant diseases of the female reproductive organs. Directed by Professor Dr. med. Richard Berger, the treatment, which is often complex, is carried out at the highest level. This guarantees that the network of experts from a very wide range of specialisms is available in-house.

The Breast Centre also provides optimum diagnostics and treatment, here too with first-class cooperation partners. An excellent level of quality is also guaranteed thanks to comprehensive certification: The Breast Centre and the Gynaecological Cancer Centre in the Clinic for Obstetrics at the Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth Neuwied have been certified in accordance with the strict standards of the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft).

Continence Centre – an important facility

The Continence Centre has also been established at the Neuwied Clinic for Gynaecology. It is an important organisation, especially for women who have been through the menopause. This is because over one third of women experience unwanted loss of bladder control under stress or even faecal incontinence at this time in their lives. It is reassuring that you can obtain exactly the support you need in this situation from an organisation certified by the German Continence Society and, of course, medical treatment in accordance with the latest medical standards. This is exactly what the Continence Centre provides with the help of the Clinic for Gynaecology and the Urology and General Surgery departments at the hospital.

Proof of flexibility: dysplasia consultation

Another milestone in terms of the expertise offered by Professor Dr. Richard Berger is the dysplasia consultation service. Dedicated and experienced doctors like the Clinic Director have contributed over time to ensuring that, thanks to good preventive care, cervical cancer and other tumours in the female genital area have become rare. Primarily thanks to differential colposcopy, precancerous stages, i.e. dysplasia, of the cervix, vagina or outer genital area can be evaluated in a precise manner. This painless, low-risk investigation using magnified visual inspection enables even the smallest of cell changes to be identified.

Professor Dr. Berger and his top-class team of experts can identify precancerous stages as early as possible with the dysplasia consultation and remove these whilst retaining as much tissue as possible, generally without major operations being required. Here too the specialist calls on further expertise in the field: A cytological organisation provides the in-house experts with support in their clinical practice. Therefore, a high level of expertise and state-of-the-art technology enable full explanation of the findings to be achieved. This consultation is also certified by the German Cancer Society.

Thanks to the Neuwied facility, first-class care is provided in the entire field of gynaecology. The initial consultation provides an opportunity, of course, to witness the personal and individual approach taken by the Clinic, under the leadership of the highly-regarded Chief Physician Professor Dr. Richard Berger, in the treatment of its patients. In order to get a small foretaste of the quality of the care you will receive, please feel free to take a look at the Clinic website. Image galleries on the website provide you with a tour of the delivery room and recovery ward and a short but informative video provides a good insight into the everyday work the Clinic does in the field of obstetrics.


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