OA - Markus Winnisch, MSc - Orthopedics -

OA Dr. med. univ. Markus Winnisch, MSc

Specialist for orthopaedics, sports traumatology in Vienna

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OA - Markus Winnisch, MSc - Orthopedics -
OA Dr. med. univ. Markus Winnisch, MSc Specialist for orthopaedics, sports traumatology in Vienna
+43 6642580800 (Landline at local rates)
Dr Winnisch has specialised with full commitment in the orthopaedic and traumatological problems of all joints – and won high renown with conservative therapies as well as with operations, especially on the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. With his enormous experience, he often manages to avoid surgical interventions.

About us OA Dr. med. univ. Markus Winnisch, MSc

Sport and trauma – the very name of the elective surgery of OA Dr med. Univ. Markus Winnisch, MSC, located in Vienna's university quarter, sums up the core competence of this proven sports physician: As an experienced senior physician for orthopedics and traumatology, Dr Winnisch is very familiar with all types of orthopedic disorders and injuries. As team physician of the Austrian National Football Team (women), sports physician of the Vienna Police Sports Association, representing team physician of the Vienna Capitals Ice Hockey Team and association physician of the Austrian Padel Union, he has specialized in the treatment of sports injuries. His special art lies in creating the decisive prerequisite for thoroughly individual treatment with precise diagnostics – and thus doing everything to find the ideal solution, in close consultation with his patients.

Constant joint pain not only massively impairs work and sporting activity – it often makes all everyday movements a distressing ordeal. Anyone in the Vienna area who is dealing with permanent pain in the joints, which can quickly destroy any quality of life, should definitely consult a specialist who specialises in exactly this: giving people back the joy of life and movement – even in cases of unclear pain.

OA Dr med. Univ. Markus Winnisch, MSC is just such a specialist. The quality of his diagnoses, even in cases of unclear pain, has spread beyond Vienna – as has his knowledge of conservative pain therapy, with which he has been able to help many people. When it comes to tackling joint problems without surgical intervention, he has a large repertoire. Whether it is joint infiltrations, hyaluronic acid therapy or high-energy focused shock wave therapy – Dr Winnisch knows exactly which procedure to use when to achieve the desired results. This also includes the treatment of muscle complaints or tension and the targeted use of kinesiology tape.

Injuries, diseases, wear and tear: a high level of expertise in all joints

The orthopaedic and traumatic knowledge of OA Dr med Univ. Markus Winnisch, MSC concerns the entire musculoskeletal system – from head to toe. He has just as much experience with tension headaches and neck problems as he does with calcified shoulder or shoulder tightness, and he is just as familiar with golfer's elbow as he is with snap finger or carpal tunnel syndrome in the hand. Painful movement restrictions at the hip are part of his range of services, as is the knee in all its complexity: Problems with the meniscus, cruciate ligament or kneecap are part of his daily medical routine, as are cartilage damage or runner's knee. And when it comes to the stability of the body, i.e. the ankle and foot, Dr Winnisch can also be relied on: he treats instabilities just as competently as claw toes or hallux valgus.

Whatever the complaint: the focus is always on finding a non-surgical solution if possible – even in the case of back pain or joint wear and tear such as osteoarthritis, for which OA Dr med Univ. Markus Winnisch, MSC treats every single joint with a high level of expertise. But when surgery cannot be avoided, his vast knowledge of preservative and reconstructive joint surgery comes into play: Dr Winnisch operates using innovative arthroscopy methods wherever possible. In this minimally invasive procedure, also known as arthroscopy, all that is needed are tiny incisions in the skin through which the arthroscope with an equally tiny camera is finally inserted, allowing Dr Winnisch to carry out the appropriate procedure. This not only protects the surrounding tissue in the best possible way, it also causes much less pain – and the healing time is significantly shortened compared to open surgery. In combination with computer-assisted 3D surgical planning, patients of the elective surgery Sports and Trauma benefit from the high-class equipment – and from the amazing experience that Dr Winnisch has in this field.

By the way, OA Dr med. Univ. Markus Winnisch, MSC also uses these modern surgical procedures for almost all joint replacement operations. In the certified endoprosthesis centre, individual prostheses for the knee, hip and shoulder are fitted at an international level. This level suits the house perfectly: The elective surgery is located in the Vienna Private Clinic (Wiener Privatklinik), which focuses on a top-class ambience, the best medical care as well as individual care and attention – and on, in clinic’s own words, “the most modern, evidence-based treatment methods and a technologically cutting-edge environment”.


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