Dr. - Attila Vásárhelyi - Foot surgery and ankle surgery -

Dr. med. Attila Vásárhelyi

Specialist for Foot surgery and ankle surgery, Hip endoprosthetics, Knee endoprosthetics in Biel

Dr. - Attila Vásárhelyi - Foot surgery and ankle surgery -
Dr. Vásárhelyi has dedicated himself primarily to the diagnosis and treatment of sports and accident injuries. Malpositioning and degenerative diseases of the lower locomotor system are also among his specialties, and he incorporates the entire spectrum of versatile orthopedic surgery in his therapies - wherever possible, minimally invasive.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Ankle joint prostheses
  • Joint-preserving treatment of osteoarthritis (osteotomy)
  • Correction of congenital and acquired foot and ankle deformities
  • Hip and knee joint prostheses
  • Tendon, ligament and cartilage reconstruction
  • Fracture treatment of the musculoskeletal system

About us Dr. med. Attila Vásárhelyi

Dr Vásárhelyi is a specialist orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon and provides the entire range of orthopaedic surgical treatment, using a minimally invasive technique wherever possible. Thanks to his long-standing university career and most recently as Head of Foot and Ankle Surgery, he has accumulated intense treatment experience, even in difficult and very difficult reconstructions. 

Dr Attila Vásárhelyi’s specialist consultations focus on the diagnosis, counselling and treatment planning for sports and accident injuries and for congenital and acquired deformities and degenerative diseases of the lower extremities, particularly of the foot and ankle joint. Here, he has particular experience in endoprosthetic treatment, as well as the reconstruction of the hind foot.

Dr Attila Vásárhelyi is an in-patient doctor at the Linde Hospital. All surgical treatment is performed across from the surgery, in a private hospital highly qualified in Swiss medical practice. As an in-patient prior to surgery, in the in-patient phase and under further follow-up care, close personal support by the specialist in foot surgery, Dr. Vásárhelyi, is guaranteed.
Dr Vásárhelyi’s focus is on the rapid elimination of pain and the restoration of load-bearing capacity in conjunction with the best quality medical service.

Diagnostic Services

The radiologists and the technical x-ray personnel of the private hospital Linde have access to modern equipment for all necessary diagnostic imaging processes:

  • Computed tomography (64 slice CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (3 Tesla MRI)
  • Ultrasound
  • Angiography and intervention
  • Nuclear medicine

Therapeutic Services

 Ankle joint

• Ankle joint endoprostheses for osteoarthritis and rheumatism
• Review and change of ankle joint endoprostheses
• Cartilage therapy (microfracture surgery, AMIC, partial replacement)
• Joint-preserving osteoarthritis treatment (osteotomy)
• Ligament reconstruction
• Tendon transfer
• Arthroscopic techniques
• Surgery to all tendons


• Arthrodeses using specially developed soft tissue-friendly technique
• Complex flatfoot and contracted foot correction
• Combined hindfoot and midfoot correction
• Treatment of heel and Achilles tendon pain


• Correction of deformities
• Arthrodeses
• Reconstruction of diabetic and neurological deformities


• Hallux valgus correction with primary full weight-bearing function
• Osteoarthritis treatment of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the great toe (including endoprosthesis)
• Hammer and claw toe correction
• Correction of rheumatoid deformities
• Neuroma treatment
• Correction for chronic midfoot / splayfoot pain

Hip and knee joint

• Endoprostheses for osteoarthritis using minimally invasive technique
• Revision surgery on all levels of difficulty
• Knee and hip joint endoprostheses

Management and surgery of accident injuries, sports injuries and sports-related conditions of the musculoskeletal system

Amputation surgery to the lower extremities

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

The leading private hospital in the Biel-Seeland-Bernese Jura region is located in a tranquil quarter without through traffic near the Biel city center. The bilingually managed hospital represents a first-class, modern and personal medical and health center. Patients can savor a harmonic atmosphere and cultivated hotel comfort. In addition, they will profit from comprehensive medical services on the highest level. More than eighty consultants, assisted by a competent staff, cover basically all specialties of modern medicine. Due to very close and interdisciplinary teamwork and permanent contact among the specialized medical teams, the best possible individual care can be realized, both on an in- and an outpatient basis. The two highly specialized interdisciplinary focus points “musculoskeletal system”, consisting of orthopedic surgery, spinal surgery, sports orthopedics, radiology, physical therapy, rheumatology and pain management, and “cancer treatment / tumor treatment”, consisting of oncology (medicine), radiation oncology, radiology, surgical oncology, endoscopy and gynecologic oncology (breast / uterus), ensure the highest quality along a patient’s complete treatment path. Urology, visceral and vascular surgery as well as ophthalmology are additional highly specialized competency centers. In radiology, modern imaging techniques can realize a better diagnosis and distinctly shorter evaluation periods. In the hospital’s own medical training center, the physical therapy team ensures a timely rehabilitation.  



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