Dr - Wolfram Wenz - Foot surgery and ankle surgery -

Dr Wolfram Wenz

Specialist for Foot surgery and ankle surgery, Pediatric orthopedics in Heidelberg

Dr - Wolfram Wenz - Foot surgery and ankle surgery -
Dr. Wenz has outstanding expertise in two areas, which makes him an internationally sought-after specialist: in the treatment of the foot and ankle, he is very familiar with all injuries, diseases and deformities - and with the most complex reconstructions. This also applies to pediatric orthopedics.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Reconstructive forefoot surgery
  • Reconstructive hindfoot surgery for congenital and acquired deformities
  • Interventions in the area of the lower extremities for neuro-orthopedic diseases from childhood to adulthood
  • Reconstructive tendon surgery after injury/tear of tendon

About us Dr Wolfram Wenz

When it comes to the foot and ankle, there is probably no other doctor who has more experience, especially with the most complex deformities: In the state-of-the-art equipped special clinic EXPERTS FIRST in Heidelberg, Dr. Wolfram Wenz stands for an excellent diagnostic and treatment spectrum from which all generations benefit. The specialist's goal is always to produce an absolutely functional reconstruction that takes into account the muscle balance.

For Dr. Wolfram Wenz it was clear even before his studies: all his passion in medicine belongs to the foot and ankle. This early decision has consequences today - especially for patients who are looking for a proven specialist for the lower extremities in the metropolis on the Neckar River.

This makes Dr. Wenz a prime example of the effects of a clear specialization, especially in medicine. Especially when it originates in the "fundamental fascination for healthy walking", as the experienced specialist emphasizes: "Walking is quality of life," he says, "and simply the basis for everything that has to do with movement." This fascination was the basis for a focus that is unparalleled even in modern medicine - and that really makes the difference.

A passion for specialization: foot and ankle

To this passionate specialization it also fits that the young specialized clinic EXPERTS FIRST stands out in many points - for instance with its equipment, which is appropriate for the medical excellence of Dr. Wenz. Whoever visits the clinic at the Heidelberg City Gate East immediately gets the impression of a modern facility that has earned itself an extraordinary reputation in a very short time. EXPERTS FIRST is designed to meet the high demands of the specialist who is happy to offer people his many years of experience with high-quality treatments and expert advice. What you can also immediately feel: the specialist's passion is also directed towards pediatric orthopedics.

At the center of the field of foot surgery performed by Dr. Wolfram Wenz is the surgical and conservative treatment of congenital or acquired problems of the foot and ankle - at any age. The specialist, who is also well known as a "bone doc" through his TV presence, is very familiar with all the details of the body parts that are so important for our movement: Together, the foot and ankle joint form an extremely complex unit that forms a universe of its own with around thirty joints and over a hundred ligaments, tendons and capsules.

Dr. Wenz has acquired his high level of expertise in thousands of treatments for disorders or deformities in this highly complicated system - always with the knowledge that the correct function of the entire structure depends on many factors. These include the coordinated interaction of the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot as well as the exact balance of the muscles involved. And only a medical specialist, who from his extensive experience can detect even the slightest deviation, will always find the most suitable therapy.

Specialty: Treatment of unsuccessful correction attempts

It is therefore no wonder that Dr. Wolfram Wenz with his extremely specialized knowledge, is frequently sought out when attempts to correct the problem have failed elsewhere. Because that is precisely what distinguishes him: His expertise in the correction of the most complex deformities is far above average.

Whether it is hallux valgus, hallux rigidus or basic joint osteoarthritis of the big toe, hammer toes or the correction of a claw toe - Dr. Wenz is familiar with all diseases or injuries of the foot and ankle joint: he treats congenital malpositions as routinely as disorders caused by stress or wear and tear. In the case of clubfoot, for example, he is an internationally sought-after specialist. His experience can also be relied upon in the treatment of conditions that many specialists rarely deal with, such as post-traumatic foot deformities or neuropathies.

In other words: There is no problem around the foot and ankle for which he does not have a therapeutic solution. This is also one reason why Dr. Wolfram Wenz is a welcome guest at international congresses and symposia - and why his publications attract a lot of attention in the professional world. From tendon transfer, hollow foot and serpentine foot to complex foot reconstructions or new findings in pediatric orthopedics: his lectures and specialist articles repeatedly set standards in foot surgery.

Diagnostic Services

  • Fully digital X-ray
  • Digital volume tomography
  • Instrument-based motion analysis

Therapeutic Services

  • Complete spectrum of surgical correction
  • Conservative: ACP, autohemotherapy, intra-articular injections, tape bandages, etc.

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Valet parking




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