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Joint specialists in Freiburg im Breisgau

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Dr. - Manfred Lais - PRAXISKLINIK 2000 Orthopedics
PRAXISKLINIK 2000 Orthopedics Joint specialists in Freiburg im Breisgau
+49 761 60079001 (Landline at local rates)
PRAXISKLINIK 2000 Orthopedics covers all diseases and injuries of the joints - comprehensively at an international level. For each individual complaint, proven experts are available who, as highly specialized physicians, have focused precisely on this issue. Whether conservative treatments, surgeries or the fitting of prostheses - the consistent concept of specialization is convincing.

Our doctors

Dr. - Manfred Lais - Knee surgery -

Dr. med. Manfred Lais

Dr. - Friedrich Quarck - Knee surgery -

Dr. med. Friedrich Quarck

Dr. - Ralph Mayer - Knee surgery -

Dr. med. Ralph Mayer

Dr. - Gerrit Bode - Knee surgery -

PD Dr. Gerrit Bode

Dr. - Andreas Scheibe - Knee surgery -

Dr. med. Andreas Scheibe

Dr. - Manuela Warncke - Knee surgery -

Dr. med. Manuela Warncke

About us PRAXISKLINIK 2000 Orthopedics

When an uncompromising high-performance orthopedics with international treatment standards meets consistent patient orientation, people in the entire region benefit from a medical quality that is convincing all along the line - in every phase of care. At Freiburg's PRAXISKLINIK 2000 Orthopedics, the concept of specialization, which can be verified at any time by correspondingly high case numbers, has been established for well over twenty years.

A highly specialized center that offers "cutting-edge medicine and patient orientation" in the treatment of all diseases and injuries of the joints, as it says on its own website: PRAXISKLINIK 2000 Orthopedics in Freiburg im Breisgau gathers a top-class team of specialists with immense experience that treats joint pain and sports injuries seamlessly according to the latest scientific standards. Whether it's people with foot or knee problems, hand or shoulder pain, or a hip injury, here recreational athletes receive the same comprehensive medical care as professional athletes.

The fact that the renowned orthopedic practice clinic in the South Baden metropolis does not serve any common patterns can be seen as soon as you enter: A generously inviting room concept, which comes to fruition perfectly with well thought-out light structures, proves the clear orientation towards patients. It is immediately apparent that anyone who turns to the team of proven experts can feel that they are in good hands.

People with numerous problems of the musculoskeletal system turn to the Freiburg joint specialists. Whether it is a matter of joint instabilities at the knee and shoulder, degenerative or inflammatory damage such as advanced arthrosis at the knee, shoulder or hip joint, or whether it is a matter of foot problems and deformities - the renowned institution always strives for the best individual treatment. Both tried-and-tested procedures and modern therapies based on international developments are used.

Wherever possible, diseases of orthopedics and trauma surgery are treated without surgery. For this purpose, the team of specialists has a wide range of conservative therapies - from acupuncture to neural therapy or shock wave therapy to plasma injections or treatment with hyaluronic acid. In this way, the Freiburg practice clinic has repeatedly succeeded in delaying surgeries, often by years, even in cases of far-advanced diseases such as joint degeneration. This allows patients to continue using their own joints - as painlessly as possible and without restrictions. Therefore, the motto here is: surgical intervention is the last option for treating a disease - after all, it cannot be easily reversed.

Of course, not every disease can be treated conservatively. But at the PRAXISKLINIK 2000 Orthopedics, everyone is aware that a surgery is always a special challenge - for both sides. Therefore, the personal conversation is always the most important thing, in which the affected person is comprehensively informed about chances as well as risks. As a result, patients in Freiburg can always be sure that they will be treated by proven experts who have specialized in the particular condition - with clear advantages in terms of the prospects for success: The highly specialized approach guarantees that treatment is always of the highest standard and that therapy is based on the latest medical research. Personal care extends from the first consultation to follow-up treatment: the principle of "one-man medicine" is practiced throughout.

These are the top-class members of the Freiburg team of specialists:

Dr. Manfred Lais, a specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine, is the founder of the practice clinic and has a great deal of experience in joint diseases and injuries - for example, in hip arthroscopy, minimally invasive knee surgery, or surgery on the elbow and ankle. Many internationally renowned athletes rely on his high level of expertise.

Dr. Ralph Mayer, specialist in orthopedics, orthopedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system (FMH/Switzerland), has placed his focus on shoulder and knee joint surgery. Whether arthroscopic surgery, minimally invasive procedures or trauma surgery care - he is familiar with it all. In particular, in the field of joint replacements of the shoulder and knee joint, he can draw on a wealth of experience spanning many years.

Dr. Friedrich Quarck, Dr. Friedrich Quarck, specialist in surgery, orthopedics and trauma surgery, D-doctor is specialized in the surgical and conservative treatment of joint diseases and sports injuries, arthrosis treatment, traumatology, conservative and surgical treatments of fractures and tendon injuries (e.g. Achilles tendon). In addition, he is a recognized specialist in special foot surgery (certified GFFC), especially forefoot surgery with the correction of hallux valgus, hammertoes and other deformities, flat foot correction and therapy of degenerative diseases of the ankle joint.

Associate Lecturer Dr. Gerrit Bode, a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery with the additional designation of special trauma surgery, is regarded throughout the region as an absolute specialist in knee joint preserving surgery. As a certified knee surgeon of the German Society for Knee Surgery, his surgical focus is on cruciate ligament surgery, including revision cruciate ligaments, the patellofemoral joint, and realignment and cartilage operations. He also has many years of expertise in the treatment of sports injuries and the care of professional athletes, as well as treatments for ankle injuries.

Dr. Andreas Scheibe is a specialist in surgery and sports medicine and, as an arthroscopy pioneer, specializes in the knee joint, elbow and upper ankle joint. His expertise is also in demand for sports injuries and complex arthrosis treatments.

Dr. Manuela Warncke, as a specialist in surgery, also has the additional designation of hand surgery (European Diploma in Hand Surgery). And that is precisely her specialty: whether it is osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, a carpal tunnel syndrome, forms of tendovaginitis or a ganglion - she is the absolute expert for all joint complaints in the hand.

High specialization in all matters concerning joint diseases: This attracts more and more people who are not at home in the region between the Black Forest, Switzerland and Alsace - but also many who would like to regain their missed mobility as fully and pain-free as possible in the beautiful university city of Freiburg. The versatility of the clinic and the proven treatment successes of PRAXISKLINIK 2000 Orthopedics speak for themselves.

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