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Specialists in orthopaedics, orthopaedic surgery, traumatology, rheumatology, preventive medicine and rehabilitation in Vienna

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Dr - Wolfgang Gruther MSc TCM - healthPi Medical Center
healthPi Medical Center Specialists in orthopaedics, orthopaedic surgery, traumatology, rheumatology, preventive medicine and rehabilitation in Vienna
+43 19974207 (Landline at local rates)
At the healthPi Medical Center, personal needs, problems and goals related to pain, metabolism, stress and sport are addressed in such a way that top-class medical care reconciles timely regeneration and long-term maintenance of performance. This is ensured by proven specialists who all have many years of experience.

Our doctors

Dr - Wolfgang Gruther MSc TCM - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -

Dr Wolfgang Gruther MSc TCM

Associate - Philipp Heuberer - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -

Associate Lecturer Dr Philipp Heuberer

Dr - Stephanie Kail - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -

Dr Stephanie Kail

Professor - Stefan Nehrer - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -

Professor Stefan Nehrer

Dr - Leo  Pauzenberger, MSc, FFSEM - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -

Dr Leo Pauzenberger, MSc, FFSEM

Dr - Christian Muschitz - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -

Dr Christian Muschitz

Dr - Sophie-Therese Hölbling-Meyl - Orthopedics and trauma surgery -

Dr Sophie-Therese Hölbling-Meyl

Special Clinical Focus

  • Spine – Slipped disc, scoliosis, cervical syndrome, back pain
  • Arthrosis – Osteochondrosis, finger polyarthritis, cartilage defects
  • Joints, tendons and muscles – Shoulder, elbow and knee
  • Bones – Osteoporosis, bone marrow oedema
  • Inflammation – Rheumatism, arthritis, irritable bowel
  • Metabolic disorder – Obesity, diabetes, Hashimoto’s disease
  • Stress – Burnout, depression, migraines, bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Sports medicine – Fractures, torn ligaments, muscular tension
  • Rehabilitation – post-op, tumours, long COVID
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

About us healthPi Medical Center

A highly-skilled team comprised of outstanding experts in a very wide range of medical disciplines: with this innovative approach, this pioneering medical centre takes Vienna’s healthcare to a new level: healthPi Medical Centre offers individual healthcare solutions relating to four core areas which are recurring topics in our active lives. Pain, metabolism, stress and sports... these are the core areas of expertise which make this centre of excellence and coordination centre in the Austrian capital stand out. From check-ups to sophisticated health plans... everything is done right here.

This concept, which has been launched by several outstanding physicians in Vienna, is both fascinating and carefully considered down to the tiniest of details: in this city, where the quality of life is already the highest in the world, a highly-qualified expert team are working on important core areas of health. Their goal is clearly formulated: they are aiming to achieve rapid pain reduction, long-lasting treatment, improved wellbeing and long-term maintenance of performance.

Renowned team of experts: a great deal of experience in all the relevant fields

All of these physicians are well-renowned and already enjoy an excellent reputation thanks to their expertise. Some of the doctors work as sports physicians for various national teams and elite Austrian athletes and some achieve innovation in research and teaching. These experienced physicians work closely together at healthPi with the goal of improving their patients’ wellbeing. The focus is always on the personal health needs and goals of the patients who place their trust in this new medical specialist centre.

Generally, getting back to a new, active lifestyle without pain or stress starts with a comprehensive check-up. healthPi Medical Centre offers tailored examination packages for this purpose, in which an interdisciplinary team of physicians diagnoses the patient’s health status using state-of-the-art equipment. This functional diagnostic approach is tailored to individual goals: special health plans are put together for prevention, regeneration or rehabilitation.

These four core areas for health are pain, metabolism, stress and sport

Conditions of the spine or musculoskeletal system, metabolic disorders such as rheumatism or osteoporosis, sports medicine or dietary issues... there are lots of conditions which fall into one or even more than one of these four areas. The right experts always make the time that is needed to help patients at healthPi. Collective expert knowledge is also available to patients on matters relating to diabetes or obesity. The next steps will be determined as part of a detailed patient history and diagnostic process at the appointment with the consultant.

Depending on the patient’s requirements, clinical, functional or imaging methods will be used for diagnostic purposes at the check-up or a blood test will be carried out for laboratory tests. As well as basic diagnostics, this centre of excellence and coordination centre in Vienna has developed multiple add-on modules which are used for specific clinical pictures. This allows individual health solutions to be created with unique and personal health plans.

Four core areas have been selected by healthPi as the focal points for the highly-qualified team of doctors, coaches, training therapists and physiotherapists, namely, pain, metabolism, stress and sport.

Pain: The field of pain medicine – acute and chronic

The first of these four core areas is pain. Lots of patients come to the healthPi team because the source of their pain has not yet been clearly diagnosed. Therefore, identifying ambiguous pain, primarily in the musculoskeletal system, is a top priority. Is the pain caused by arthrosis, bone marrow oedema, inflammation or even a slipped disc in the spine? Is the patient’s posture poor and does their gait need to be improved? Another goal is, of course, to prevent injuries and tension on a long-term basis.

Information is provided here, for example, by movement analyses or measurements of muscular function.

Body structure analyses or coordination tests can also provide information and MRI scanning is sometimes used to provide the necessary information.

This allows lots of patients to be given their individual pain health plan at this innovative centre in Vienna. The plan includes targeted therapy and state-of-the-art treatment. Ideally, the ultimate goal is mobility without any issues, without pain, with a great deal of enjoyment of life and with an individual training plan.

Metabolism: Avoid risk factors on a permanent basis

The second core area is metabolism. The priority here is actually identifying risk factors, e.g. malnutrition, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic bone disorders such as osteoporosis or fatigue syndrome, for example with long COVID.

In order to minimise the risk of a heart attack or stroke, for example, and finally get a patient’s weight loss off to a good start, support from renowned experts is the perfect way to ensure long-term success.

In this regard, basal metabolic rate measurements, body structure analyses, spiroergometry and analyses of vital substances are useful tools. Options such as nutrition coaching, training therapy and special internal medicine rehabilitation programmes are also services offered by healthPi.

Stress: Targeted management for a new kind of everyday life

The next health topic affects lots of people who find the requirements of modern everyday life really challenging: stress. The experts at healthPi address the root of the issue and find personalised solutions to ensure stress-free performance on a long-term basis. As a first step, the stress factors need to be identified in order to prevent the common issue of burnout and to ensure true relief from stress. Additional complaints caused by stress, such as muscular tension, migraines, bruxism (teeth grinding) or pelvic floor issues, can be treated effectively by the experts at healthPi.

In order to enable patients to have healthy sleep habits on a permanent basis and to convert stress into fun on a daily basis, a patient’s stress status is visualised using heart rate variability where required, whereby the heart’s relaxation level allows conclusions to be drawn about the vegetative nervous system.

This allows perfectly tailored relaxation and breathing exercises to be prepared, which have an effect on the entire nervous system. The add-on modules include muscle function measurements, professional burnout prevention and coaching which takes stress management to a new level on a lasting basis. And, naturally, there are also innovative and individual therapy programmes on offer here to relieve and relax the deep muscle tissue using focussed shockwave treatment.

Sport: Safe training with expert support and knowing your limits

There is one core area left to discuss, which is the major area of sport.

The services offered by healthPi in this field are perfect for anyone who wants to discover their performance level and, above all, optimise this with expert support or anyone who is unable to practise their sport. Do you have shoulder damage or an inflamed tendon? Have you been injured in training? Does your knee hurt when you run?

The knowledgeable team of experts here will provide you with the right tools. The diagnostic options include performance diagnostics on the treadmill and movement analysis for the specific type of sport, muscular function measurement, body structure analysis, basal metabolic rate measurement or heart rate variability measurement.

Here too: without the right operator and the best rehabilitation, your sporting performance will quickly reach its limits.

Achieve your goals with individual healthPi health plans

Comprehensive examinations, extensive support and evaluations are the components of the individual health plans which represent the core service offered by healthPi as a prescribed programme for prevention, regeneration, therapy or rehabilitation.

With the health plan, this innovative centre of excellence and coordination centre has exactly the right tools to offer individual health plans which treat physical restrictions, restore activity or prevent issues from occurring in advance. The healthPi health plans have been created in close cooperation by excellent teams comprised of consultants, therapists and additional experts. They are always tailored to the expectations, requirements, goals and health status of the patient in question.

The extraordinary approach of this Vienna-based health centre is characterised by a combination of the latest scientific findings and tried-and-tested methods. Targeted basic health plans have been developed as part of the four core areas of pain, metabolism, stress and sport at the healthPi centre to treat acute pain and chronic conditions, check patients’ bodies and metabolism, treat mental issues and build mental strength or achieve sporting goals.

Health plan: Prevention, regeneration, therapy or rehabilitation

The starting point of the healthPi health plan is the check-up. In addition to the initial examination by the expert, this may also include a functional examination, depending on the health plan, and a discussion of the results of this with advice. All patients have a direct point of contact in the physician managing the health plan in question.

This enables the individual starting situation to be determined at an international level and in an interdisciplinary manner to develop the perfect specific basic plan down to the tiniest of details. It is particularly great that the doctor managing the case acts as the central point of contact throughout the entire process, whilst an interdisciplinary team of assistants provides scheduling and expert support for all measures for the patient. Whether innovative methods from modern medical research or traditional procedures are being used, each individual step is designed to ensure the optimum efficacy of the combination of measures. In other words, at every step of the process everyone does everything they can to ensure that patients who choose the healthPi expert team achieve their goals.

This not only includes follow-up checks, which are very useful when carried out by internationally-renowned experts, but also includes the follow-up check as part of the perfectly-tailored programme. Once the health status which has been achieved is confirmed by functional investigations, the patient’s new and active life requires support again in the form of a comprehensive programme of advice. Naturally, individual measures are adapted where required so there may be multiple follow-up checks. In connection with this, patients receive useful recommendations for action from the physician managing the case. This advice contains pioneering guidance and tips, which forms the basis for maintaining the successes which have been achieved on a long-term basis.

The expert team at healthPi consists of the following people:

Dr Wolfgang Gruther MSc TCM, who is the Chief Physician at healthPi and a consultant in physical medicine and general rehabilitation, is the ideal point of contact for all kinds of injuries and conditions of the spine and for rehabilitation. This doctor of choice, who has published numerous studies on topics like back pain and rehabilitation after dangerous conditions in international journals, primarily offers non-surgical orthopaedic services for individual health solutions at this centre of excellence and coordination centre in Vienna. His expertise is also in demand when it comes to pain. In addition to traditional medical fields, he has completed numerous further training courses, for example in Chinese diagnostics, medication therapy and acupuncture.

Dr Stephanie Kail is a renowned physician in general medicine fields such as lymphatic drainage and burnout prophylaxis and has specialised in providing locomotor system support to pregnant people and young mothers. As a doctor practising complementary medicine with international experience, she has an excellent understanding of medicines from all over the world and is an expert in the field of vital infusions. With the physical effect mechanism, which has a scientific basis, of her professional lymphatic drainage techniques, she supports patients with injuries, with pain in many different areas of the body and with stress-related issues.

Dr Philipp R. Heuberer, who is a consultant in orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery, as well as an IOC Diploma Sports Physician, primarily provides patients with his vast wealth of knowledge in sports medicine at healthPi. The renowned joint surgeon is known to be the top specialist when it comes to shoulders but also has a high level of expertise in conditions relating to the entire musculoskeletal system, for example the knee or elbow.

Professor Stefan Nehrer is a consultant in orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery and is the perfect point of contact for all matters relating to the musculoskeletal system. This doctor of choice, who enjoys international recognition in the field of joint surgery, has established a reputation in fields such as cartilage regeneration and arthrosis. As a sports physician, he has a great number of scientific publications to his name, which document his wealth of expert knowledge. At healthPi, anyone who loves to move their body can benefit from his knowledge about cartilage, muscles and ligaments, including older patients.

Dr Leo Pauzenberger, MSc, FFSEM is a consultant in orthopaedics and traumatology and, as an IOC Diploma Sports Physician, he is a globally-recognised sports physician. Patients can always rely on his expert knowledge, regardless of whether they are experiencing shoulder, elbow or knee issues. He has also established a reputation on the basis of his success in joint surgery and with prostheses. Regardless of whether a patient is experiencing shoulder instability, shoulder or chest tears, tennis elbow or cruciate ligament problems: his sports injury treatment is popular in Vienna and far beyond.

Dr Christian Muschitz, who is a consultant in internal medicine and rheumatology, is an experienced emergency physician with excellent skills when it comes to making fast and safe diagnoses. At healthPi, he is therefore responsible for providing expert advice and diagnostics and prepares individual therapy plans with specific interim goals. His expertise in the field of osteoporosis is well-recognised in Austria and abroad: he manages the osteoporosis clinic at Austria’s only certified osteological centre. He also places great value on interdisciplinary collaboration, particularly when evaluating complex findings.

Dr Sophie Hölbling-Meyl is a physician specialising in general medicine, internal medicine, haematological oncology and traditional Chinese medicine. She provides support for patients experiencing conditions of the heart and circulatory issues, as well as issues with the digestive system, hormonal problems and metabolic conditions. As a specialist in internal medicine, oncologist and TCM doctor, she offers a unique combination of expertise for preventive medicine, which always focuses on the holistic concept. This enables the experienced physician to prepare individual health plans which extend far beyond the scope of conventional models.

The highly-qualified team at the healthPi Medical Centre is able to make use of outstanding equipment which has been acquired for targeted service provision at the centre at the highest level. Using these facilities, a personal examination package can be put together for patients in just a few hours at a total of just two appointments, featuring a carefully-considered combination of laboratory tests, imaging and functional diagnostics. Clearly, not only the specialist expertise of doctors is required, which is why further relevant experts are also part of the team. Whether medical nutrition advice with individual dietary plans and progress checks, biofeedback on topics ranging from fear of flying to sleep disorders or osteopathy for holistic assessment and treatment is required... the team at healthPi really have considered everything. Including for children.

Ideally, patients will have become new people when they leave healthPi Medical Centre. Meaningful documentation of this is also provided after a detailed discussion of the results: the findings and recommendations are summarised in a letter from the doctor, which defines the start of the patient’s new phase of life in writing. And even if the patient is “just” looking for a key second opinion, patients who place their trust in this centre of excellence and coordination centre in Vienna will have a new appreciation for its four core areas of health, will see pain, metabolism, stress and sport in a new and totally contemporary manner and will be delighted with their rapid regeneration, improved quality of life and long-term maintenance of their performance.

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