Prof. - Rüdiger von Eisenhart-Rothe - Foot surgery and ankle surgery -

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Rüdiger von Eisenhart-Rothe

Specialist for Foot surgery and ankle surgery, Knee surgery, Pediatric orthopedics, Hip surgery, Hip endoprosthetics, Knee endoprosthetics, Sports surgery, Sports traumatology, Sports Orthopedics in Munich

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Prof. - Rüdiger von Eisenhart-Rothe - Foot surgery and ankle surgery -
Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Rüdiger von Eisenhart-Rothe Specialist for Foot surgery and ankle surgery, Knee surgery, Pediatric orthopedics, Hip surgery, Hip endoprosthetics, Knee endoprosthetics, Sports surgery, Sports traumatology, Sports Orthopedics in Munich
+49 89 20190344 (Landline at local rates)
Prof. von Eisenhart-Rothe has turned his clinic into one of the largest European centers for the treatment of soft tissue and bone tumors: He is considered a true specialist when it comes to prostheses - and for tumors in the joints.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Implantation of endoprostheses in all major joints
  • Implantation of customised endoprostheses
  • Replacement surgery for loose or worn endoprostheses
  • Joint-conserving orthopaedics
  • Hip-joint surgery
  • Septic orthopaedics

About us Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Rüdiger von Eisenhart-Rothe

University Professor von Eisenhart-Rothe, Director of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Orthopaedics and Sports Orthopaedics at the clinic "Klinikum rechts der Isar", is considered an experienced specialist when it comes to prostheses and bone and soft tissue tumours. His clinic is one of the leading European centres for the treatment of soft tissue and bone tumours and is a certified sarcoma centre. In addition, the Clinic and Polyclinic for Orthopaedics has been a certified maximum care endoprosthetics centre for years.

A graduate in human medicine and business administration, he has held the Chair of Orthopaedics at the Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Munich (TEM) since 2012. Prof. von Eisenhart Rothe is a "certified knee surgeon and tumour surgeon" and president of the renowned medical society "Deutschen Kniegesellschaft e. V. (DKG)". He has received numerous awards for his expertise and is editor of the journal "Der Orthopäde". For years, he has been named in the list of doctors in the magazine "Focus-Gesundheit" as a top doctor in his field of expertise for knee and hip surgery, as well as tumour orthopaedics. Prof. Dr. von Eisenhart-Rothe and his team of 25 medical staff, specially trained nursing staff and a large physiotherapy department treat more than 2,000 inpatients from Germany and abroad every year – from the time of diagnosis, a possible operation and up to subsequent follow-up treatment. The aim is to provide individual, patient-oriented and empathetic care using state-of-the-art therapies.

Tumour centre on a European level

In the diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumours, the Clinic and Polyclinic for Orthopaedics and Sports Orthopaedics is one of the leading centres in Europe. In the interdisciplinary Musculoskeletal Tumour Centre, patients receive highly qualified, state-of-the-art treatment across the entire spectrum of orthopaedic tumour diseases. Since 2019, the Orthopaedics Department has been a certified sarcoma centre of the German Cancer Society and a recognised sarcoma centre of the Bone Tumour Working Group. Three certified tumour orthopaedic surgeons and the high level of interdisciplinary expertise from around 8,000 cases, as well as the most modern technical equipment, make it possible to quickly create an individually optimal therapy concept, especially for highly complex cases. Another unique aspect in Germany is the standardised psycho-oncological screening, as well as the offer of needs-based psycho-oncological care, which has been routinely integrated into the treatment of tumour patients.

EndoTUM: Highest quality standards

In the field of endoprosthetics, the Clinic for Orthopaedics and Sports Orthopaedics has been one of the best hospitals in Germany for many years. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. von Eisenhart-Rothe, the clinic was certified by EndoCert according to the strict criteria of the German Society for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery (DGOOC) as a maximum care endoprosthetics centre (EndoTUM). This means the highest achievable certification level in the field of arthroplasty. The certificate requires compliance with strict structural and process criteria, which are constantly monitored by independent experts and ensure excellent performance quality. Twelve disciplines within the hospital, as well as its own physiotherapy department, cooperate in the EndoProthetikZentrum for the highest standard of care. Especially in the case of particularly complex diagnostics and difficult therapies, patients can rely on the best possible treatment from a single source.

The number one address for endoprosthetics

One of the clinic's focal points is endoprosthetics of large joints, such as the hip and knee, which are among the most frequently performed procedures at the clinic. About 1,000 operations are performed annually, ranging from minimally invasive primary arthroplasty to revision surgery. This makes the orthopaedics department at the clinic "Klinikum rechts der Isar" one of the top addresses in Germany in the field of endoprosthetics. Special attention is paid to gentle surgical procedures and innovative robot-assisted procedures that perfectly adapt the prosthesis to the patient's anatomy.

Robot-assisted joint replacement: Higher precision for faster recovery

Prof. von Eisenhart-Rothe's team has been using the Mako robot assistance system since September 2019, the second university hospital in Germany to do so. In this surgical procedure, a robotic arm assists the surgeon in fitting the artificial knee or hip joint and enables him or her to achieve maximum precision. The patient's individual anatomy can be optimally taken into account in the planning of the operation and during the procedure, while soft tissues and ligaments are protected from injury. Patients benefit from the Mako system through the improved function of the artificial joint and faster rehabilitation.

Hip arthroplasty: Gentle interventions with the AMIS method

In the field of hip arthroplasty, the use of minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as the AMIS® technique, significantly reduces the risk of injury or transection of muscles, tendons, vessels and nerves. If imaging examinations (X-ray, CT, MRI) show that joint replacement is not necessary, patients receive comprehensive advice on alternative treatment options.

Joint-preserving hip surgery: Your own joints should be preserved as long as possible.

In the field of joint-preserving hip surgery, the Clinic for Orthopaedics and Sports Orthopaedics is one of the leading clinics in Germany. Using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic options, as well as years of experience, individual solutions are offered for patients of all ages. The entire spectrum of non-surgical and surgical treatment options is available. For the correction of misalignments and the prevention of painful joint wear (arthrosis), highly innovative methods are used, for example, autologous cartilage cell transplantation, as well as other minimally invasive treatments such as hip arthroscopy, for example, in the case of painful impingement on the hip joint or damage to the joint lip (labrum). The clinic is listed in the cartilage register of the German Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU) with certified "Gold Status".

Septic orthopaedics: Risk of infection below one per cent

Another core competence is the treatment of infections of joints and artificial joints. Thanks to many years of experience, as well as clear diagnostic standards and highly specialised therapy, the Endoprosthetics Centre of the clinic "Klinikum rechts der Isar" is also one of the top clinics in this field. Thanks to the interdisciplinary cooperation of orthopaedic surgeons, microbiologists, laboratory physicians and pathologists, the clinic is ideally positioned as a reference centre for septic orthopaedics. Thanks to consistent hygiene management, the risk of infection during operations in the field of primary endoprosthetics is less than one per cent and thus far below the national average.

Foot and ankle surgery: Wide range of therapies

Another focus of the Orthopaedics and Sports Orthopaedics Clinic is foot and ankle surgery. All congenital and acquired foot diseases are treated with conservative and surgical therapies using state-of-the-art equipment. The in-house diagnostic radiology department enables short distances to be covered and appointments to be made quickly.

Paediatric orthopaedics: Contact person for younger patients

The Department of Paediatric Orthopaedics focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired malformations and deformities of the arms, legs and spine. In addition, children with growth and movement disorders that have neurological causes such as cerebral palsy or congenital paraplegia are cared for. A competent team cares for parents and children from infancy to adolescence in a caring and age-appropriate manner, helping them to regain an active life through the best possible therapy.

Medical spectrum

  • Arthroscopy of the hip
  • Knee arthroscopy
Diagnostic Services
  • Complete tumor diagnostics
  • Digital x-ray
  • Computed tomography, including 3D reconstruction
  • Magnetic resonance tomography
  • Arthroscopic diagnostics
  • Bone density test (osteoporosis diagnostics)
  • Skeletal scintigraphy
  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Rheumatologic assessment
  • Biopsies
  • Gait analysis
Therapeutic Services
  • Endoprosthetic replacements of the large joints (including implantation of individually fitted endoprostheses)
  • Exchange of prostheses (revision endoprosthetics) in cleanroom ORs
  • Tumor orthopedics (soft tissue and bone tumors)
  • Complete range of biological reconstructions, from tumor endoprosthetics to partial hip replacement
  • Joint preserving surgery, especially hip and knee
  • Foot orthopedics
  • Arthroscopies (knee, hip, shoulder, ankle)
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Treatment of infected endoprostheses
  • Spinal thermal radio frequency ablation

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

  • Modern single / double bedrooms (accommodation of companion possible, if requested)
  • In-house physical therapy
  • In-house orthopedic repair, assembly and construction
  • All departments under one roof (institute of maximum care)
  • Psycho-oncological counseling
  • Mobile library
  • Social counseling for the organization of after-care
  • International patient service


Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technische Universitaet Muenchen

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