Dr. - Waldemar Komorek - Foot surgery and ankle surgery -

Dr. Waldemar Komorek

Specialist for Foot surgery and ankle surgery, Sports traumatology, Knee surgery, Hip surgery, Hip endoprosthetics, Knee endoprosthetics, Shoulder endoprosthetics, Sports surgery, Sports Orthopedics in

Dr. - Waldemar Komorek - Foot surgery and ankle surgery -
Dr. Komorek specializes in injuries to the foot, ankle and knee. He also has a first-class reputation as an expert for the hip - especially since he always focuses on the preservation of the joints. He is mainly known for his expertise in artificial knee joints, which he adapts individually to the respective requirements.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Knee joint surgery, arthroscopic
  • Knee joint endoprosthetics, special customized individual knee endoprostheses
  • Shoulder joint surgery, arthroscopic
  • Shoulder joint endoprosthetics
  • Hip joint endoprosthetics
  • Foot surgery
  • Sports injuries

About us Dr. Waldemar Komorek

Dr. Waldemar Komorek is a specialist in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery (FMH) with longstanding practical experience from over 10,000 specifically performed surgical procedures in his specialist field. At his practice clinic, Orthopoint in Pfaeffikon, Dr. Komorek cares for patients with disorders and conditions of the large joints (shoulder joint, elbow joint, hip joint, knee joint), the feet and sports injuries.

Dr. Komorek is a highly qualified specialist in orthopedic surgery and, along with independent and leading clinical positions, most recently at the NESSA Clinic, also looks back on several years activity as the team physician for the first Bavarian Soccer League. As a result, Dr. Komorek is justifiably considered a specialist in sports injuries since soccer is the sport with most injuries due to sports. His numerous memberships in Swiss and German specialist associations and various scientific publications reveal Dr. Komorek to be an active specialist in his orthopedic field. His surgical emphases, including prostheses, are in surgery to the knee joint, the shoulder, hips and feet. The extent to which surgical treatment is necessary and makes sense, or whether a sustainable conservative treatment promises long-term improvement, is discussed in a detailed conversation between the physician and the patient. Naturally, the welfare of the patient is the focus. Gentle surgical techniques minimize the risks of a surgical procedure.

Thorough preliminary examinations and individual follow-up treatment frame the customized conservative and surgical treatment. Artificial joint replacement, endoprosthetics, is also among his therapeutic range. An important emphasis is individual, customized knee endoprosthetics. This new and very precise technique has been successfully employed by Dr. Komorek since 2017. It can already be observed that patients with a customized knee prosthesis have more rapid convalescent periods and more precise biomechanics than patients with conventional prostheses. The patients have less the feeling that they have an artificial knee joint (“forgotten knee”). For an optimal therapeutic environment with diagnostics and conservative treatment under one roof, a low-radiation digital x-ray apparatus, ultrasound, focused shockwave and cryofos therapy (thermo-shock therapy) are available at the Orthopoint Practice Clinic. For Dr. Komorek, precision in the treatment, but above all, the safety of the patient, are invariably the top priority.

Hence, quality assurance at the Orthopoint Practice Clinic includes not only first-rate practice management, but also continuous advanced training. So, treatment in accordance with the current state of medical research is a part of the quality expectations of the Orthopoint Practice Clinic. Dr. Komorek and his team at the Orthopoint Sports and Joint Clinic look forward to your contact request!

Therapeutic Services

  • Arthroscopic procedures to the large joints (shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle), complete range of arthroscopic surgery
  • Surgical and conservative treatment of cartilage injuries to the large joints
  • Shoulder joint endoprosthetics
  • Knee joint endoprosthetics, special customized individual knee endoprosthetics
  • Hip joint endoprosthetics
  • Foot surgery
  • Fracture treatment
  • Sports injuries
  • Conservative therapy
  • Focused shockwave therapy to the shoulder, knee joint, feet

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