Dr. - Patrick Stark - Vascular surgery -

Dr. med. Patrick Stark

Specialist for Vascular Surgery in Koblenz am Rhein

Koblenz am Rhein
+49 261 91119013 (Landline at local rates)
Dr. - Patrick Stark - Vascular surgery -
Dr. med. Patrick Stark Specialist for Vascular Surgery in Koblenz am Rhein
+49 261 91119013 (Landline at local rates)
Dr. med. Patrick Stark is a specialist in vascular surgery, general, visceral and special visceral surgery with the additional designation as "endovascular surgeon". Since 2020, he has been head of the Vascular Surgery Clinic at the Catholic Hospital Koblenz Montabaur.

Special Clinical Focus

We use all methods of conservative, minimally invasive and open surgical therapies on a patient-specific basis and, if necessary, also in hybrid procedures for the following vascular diseases:
  • Aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection, aortic stenosis
  • Carotid stenosis, strokes
  • Circulatory disorders of the legs and arms, PAVK
  • Acute vascular occlusion
  • Diabetic foot syndrome
  • Renal replacement procedures (for dialysis)
  • Venous diseases (varicose veins, thromboses, inflammations)
  • Compression syndromes

About us Dr. med. Patrick Stark

Dr. med. Patrick Stark is a recognised and renowned specialist in his field, who also has the ability to work with high-end equipment at the Catholic Hospital Koblenz. Vascular surgery at the Catholic Hospital Koblenz Montabaur KKM has only been established and expanded in recent years. The hospital management at the Catholic Hospital is all the more pleased to have gained the services of Dr. med. Patrick Stark, a top-class vascular surgeon, as head physician for the new specialist department.

His career milestones include stints at the Zeller Klinikum Mittelmosel and the Verbundkrankenhaus Bernkastel / Wittlich, where he was rated and recommended as a competent vascular surgeon by FOCUS magazine and was awarded the German Patient Blood Management Prize.

Top-class vascular surgery for the region

Within a very short time, Dr. med. Patrick Stark has now established the Vascular Surgery Clinic at the Catholic Hospital Koblenz Montabaur in the region. This has been achieved thanks to his high level of professional expertise, his highly qualified medical team and the state-of-the-art technology that the KKM has at its disposal. "For example, we have two recently acquired ultrasound machines that are technically state-of-the-art," Dr Stark is pleased to say, explaining that "they enable contrast-enhanced ultrasound, which is particularly useful for patients with kidney disease because they are not allowed to receive the conventional contrast medium for CT examinations."

Dr Stark is particularly proud of the hybrid operating theatre at the Marienhof facility in Koblenz. In the hybrid OR, it is possible to visualise even the smallest vascular structures, produce three-dimensional vascular images and move in 3D space in real time with miniaturised tools, for example to safely remove clots from the brain. It goes without saying that this sophisticated technique can be optimally used and developed in the hands of a proven expert.

All forms of aortic pathologies

The main focus of vascular surgery at the KKM is on the treatment of all forms of aortic pathology, as well as treatment of the carotid artery in cases of impending stroke, and this is done in cooperation with the neurology department; they also carry out
treatment of circulatory disorders of the legs or arms by peeling off vascular constrictions or by using bypass devices which can extend to the foot.

With his vascular surgery, head physician Dr Stark has established a clear focus in neurovascular care, especially carotid surgery for stroke patients. In addition, he and his clinic have a high level of acceptability for major interventions involving the aorta. And he can say with a certain degree of pride: "Mammary artery procedures and custom-made prostheses are only performed in Koblenz by us and one other provider."

Vascular surgery thrives on interdisciplinary cooperation

Interdisciplinary cooperation between the various departments, such as interventional radiology, neurology and cardiology, is important to him. "This works smoothly for us in terms of providing the best possible care for the patient and, where necessary, we also provide care and operations at all our three operating sites, namely Brüderhaus Koblenz, Marienhof Koblenz and Brüderkrankenhaus Montabaur.

Thanks to the good interdisciplinary cooperation with radiology, for example, a CT can be available around the clock. "Vascular surgery thrives on interdisciplinary cooperation," Dr Stark emphasises again and again, and he is pleased to be able to optimally guarantee vascular surgery care for patients in the region together with the strong specialist departments of the KKM. The fact that the KKM is excellently positioned in the care of the entire vascular system is also to be attributed, not least, to his competent work as an outstanding vascular surgeon.

Certification as a vascular centre by the Society for Vascular Surgery and Radiology

Dr. med. Patrick Stark has, however, not only made the clinic for vascular surgery become very well established in the region within a short time, there are in the meantime even considerations for expansion because the prospects for success look good. "That is why we will continue to expand the bed capacities and surgical capacities for vascular surgery," promises Dr Stark. At the same time, he would like to see the excellent work of his clinic and his entire team sealed from the professional side as well and is currently creating the conditions for certification as a vascular centre by the professional society for vascular surgery and radiology.

Special Offers / Arrangements / Rooms

New hybrid operating theatre at the KKM:
The new hybrid OR makes it possible to visualise even the smallest vascular structures, to make vascular images available in three dimensions and, if necessary, to move in real time in 3D space with miniaturised tools - for example, to safely remove clots from the brain. The treatment of pathological dilatations of the abdominal aorta (aortic aneurysm) is another important focus - the new angriography unit enables the best possible treatment of this life-threatening condition.


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