Dr. - Munther Sabarini - Neurosurgical Spine Surgery -

Dr. med. Munther Sabarini

Neurosurgeon, specialist for herniated disc, spinal canal stenosis and spondylolisthesis in Berlin

Paulsborner Straße 2
10709 Berlin
+49 30 21783934 (Landline at local rates)
Dr. - Munther Sabarini - Neurosurgical Spine Surgery -
Dr. med. Munther Sabarini Neurosurgeon, specialist for herniated disc, spinal canal stenosis and spondylolisthesis in Berlin
+49 30 21783934 (Landline at local rates)
An experienced neurosurgeon, Dr. Sabarini specialises in the treatment of diseases of the spine. That’s how he established his Avicenna Clinic internationally – with great expertise, highly professional diagnostics and personalised therapies. Empathy and comfort also play a big role.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Herniated disc, herniated disc in the cervical spine, spinal canal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal tumours, vertebral fractures and pain syndromes
  • Microsurgery, intervertebral disc cultivation, disc replacement, denervation, minimally invasive surgery and interventional pain therapy

About us Dr. med. Munther Sabarini

When a specialist neurosurgeon focuses specifically on spinal disorders, it’s good news especially for people with problems in the intervertebral discs and spinal canal. But this specialisation only partly explains the attraction with which the Avicenna Clinic in Berlin draws patients from all over the world to the German capital. There is much more to be said for the clinic, which is led by founder and director Dr. Munther Sabarini. Here, people with spinal complaints are offered something rare: medical, technical and human competence under one roof – with state-of-the-art equipment, a feel-good atmosphere and real comfort.

When Dr. Munther Sabarini founded the Avicenna Clinic a stone's throw away from Kurfürstendamm boulevard, he had a clear vision in mind. He wanted people with spinal disorders to feel they are in good hands and to receive personalised, cutting-edge therapy concepts in this extraordinary institution. Whether surgery after a herniated disc, treatment of vertebral fractures or spinal canal stenosis: gentle treatments with minimally invasive surgical procedures are the clear focus of the clinic.

Anyone who enters the Avicenna Clinic immediately senses: here, the focus is on the individual – and there is more to well-being than pain-free, unrestricted mobility. Here, well-being encompasses mind, body and soul, which can also be seen in the first-class ambience in the comfort rooms and throughout the facilities. The quality with which Dr. Sabarini treats patients is already evident during the diagnostic phase. A correct diagnosis forms the basis for coordinating all therapy steps individually – because every disease or injury to the spine presents itself in a different way. Whether magnetic resonance imaging, digital X-ray or MRI angiography: the Avicenna Clinic is well equipped in imaging diagnostics.

Worldwide appeal: Your spine in the best hands

Back pain is widespread and accounts for more than two thirds of all pain conditions. There are many causes – individual wear and tear, incorrect posture, hereditary predisposition or lack of exercise. Mental problems can also lead to pain. Symptoms can often be assigned to specific sections of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. Sometimes, the pain radiates to the legs, arms, chest or back of the head. If tension and movement restriction lead to tingling, numbness or muscle atrophy, if sleep disturbance and a depressive mood impair quality of life, if even disturbances in emptying the bladder occur: then, at the latest, one should consult a specialist who receives people impartially and with great expertise.

What particularly distinguishes Dr. Munther Sabarini, apart from the personal diagnosis under the best possible conditions: even in the case of diffuse symptoms that are sometimes difficult to classify elsewhere, he finds exactly the right personalised solution through examination procedures that have been standardised over many years. He relies not only on his own expertise with more than 30 years of experience, but also on the standardised recommendations and legal guidelines of the international and German spine societies. Whether herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, forms of wear and tear or instability, whether conservative therapy or gentle intervention with microsurgery, for example in the case of disc replacement – the therapy is recommended here for you.

Individual approach: thoroughly planned therapy concepts

It is part of the philosophy that every decision made at the Avicenna Clinic is also supported by the patients. No wonder, then, that many of those affected travel long distances to receive therapy at the Berlin clinic. People travel from all over Europe, the USA and Canada, from Chile, China, Israel, Australia, from the Arab world, but also from Africa to the renowned Berlin institution, where Dr. Munther Sabarini takes the time to explore the causes of the symptoms in five languages. In fact, a total of thirteen languages are spoken at the clinic.

State-of-the-art equipment, comfortable accommodation, an enormous concentration of exceptional expertise, plus thoroughly professional treatment – Dr. Munther Sabarini and his team at the Avicenna Clinic are rightly regarded as an internationally sought-after contact point for people with back pain!

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