Professor - Sebastian Wille - Urology -

Professor Sebastian Wille

Specialist for Urology in Bonn

Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee 15
53227 Bonn
+49 228 28659531 (Landline at local rates)
Professor - Sebastian Wille - Urology -
Professor Sebastian Wille Specialist for Urology in Bonn
+49 228 28659531 (Landline at local rates)
Prof. Wille is considered an absolute specialist in modern urology – especially for the entire spectrum from diagnostics, to the treatment of prostate cancer and the removal of the prostate at an unparalleled level of skill The experienced specialist also has a major reputation in the reconstruction of urethras. He has many years of expertise in the field of "female urology" and is considered an expert in the reconstruction of the pelvic floor in cases of pelvic floor weakness and incontinence.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Urethral reconstructions
  • Prostate removal for prostate cancer
  • Kidney stone disease
  • Erectile dysfunction

About us Professor Sebastian Wille

"Highest quality standards in treatment through specialisation, plus plenty of time for patients" – this is the principle with which the clinic "Beta Klinik" set out in 2008 to give innovative high-performance medicine in the greater Bonn area a new face. Today, thirty specialists from twenty disciplines work hand in hand with other cooperation partners to guarantee holistic medical care at the highest level. In 2015, the clinic "Beta Klinik" was able to gain a proven specialist for the field of urology who, through his numerous publications and several patents, as well as many years of professional experience alone, is one of the internationally respected luminaries in his field: Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Wille.

When the Beta Klinik, as the leading private specialist and clinic centre in the Cologne/Bonn region, decided in 2015 to expand its range of services to include medical care and personal attention at the highest international level, an important step was taken: The renowned specialist Prof. Wille was recruited for the urology department. The clinic thus has an outstanding specialist who, with his experience and competence, has been guiding this multifaceted speciality for many years. His reputation was already very well-established at that time: He had already received numerous national and international awards – such as the first lecture prize of the German Society of Urology in 2013.

For Prof. Wille, urology is a dynamic, constantly developing field of impressive diversity – and he has dealt extensively with all the details. Thus, he has unparalleled expertise in all diseases of the kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters, urethra and pelvic floor – in men, as well as in women and children. In men, there are also other urological diseases: Anyone who has problems with the testicles and epididymis, with the vas deferens and seminal vesicles or with the penis and prostate also consults a urologist.

Urology and andrology: combined competence

The man from the German city of Kiel is also a master of another field related to urology: He is also highly competent in men's medicine, i.e. andrology. The fact that he has focused on prostate cancer, for example, is shown by another additional designation that the specialist has: Prof. Wille is also a specialist in drug-based tumour treatment.

As head of the urological special clinic at the Beta Klinik in Bonn, Prof. Wille offers the entire diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of urological diseases. One of his specialities concerns uro-oncology - the treatment of urological cancers. He has just as much experience in targeted diagnostics and the creation of individual therapy plans for kidney cancer or bladder cancer as he does for testicular cancer.

Area of expertise: Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Prof. Wille has gained international attention with his successes and publications on the subject of the prostate. Prof. Wille is familiar with all the complaints and diseases of the prostate, which he can classify with a trained eye in the comprehensive diagnosis. When the prostate enlarges in men around the age of thirty, this can lead to a number of diseases – such as annoying problems with emptying the bladder. And because prostate cancer, for example, practically always develops painlessly and can often even reach the later stages unnoticed, first-class prostate screening is important. It is, therefore, clear that diagnostics play an outstanding role in prostate carcinoma. Prof. Wille has access to a portfolio of state-of-the-art technology at the Beta Klinik, for example, a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance tomogram to detect prostate cancer.

That is why Prof. Wille and his top-class team in the specialised private practice rely on holistic and dedicated diagnostics – without fail. In the case of prostate problems, he can use the most modern resection techniques at the Beta Klinik thanks to the top-notch equipment available – and guarantee his patients a high degree of safety with sonography, uroflowmetry and, if necessary, urodynamics.

Several publications and research by Prof. Wille deal with the topic of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Benign enlargement of the prostate gland mainly affects older men, who then have problems with urination, for example. Benign in this context means that the growing number of cells is not aggressive and that there are no metastases, as is the case with a tumour. Nevertheless, it is important to seek treatment from a designated specialist: For mild stages of this disease, Prof. Wille treats his patients with medication, using his vast knowledge of drug treatments. For him, the decisive factor in the choice of therapy is also the procedures with which colleagues all over the world have been able to achieve good results. Through his outstanding networking alone, he is familiar with all new developments in the field of urological treatments.

The right address for prostate complaints

And so, anyone who is dealing with prostate complaints is in the right place with Prof. Wille in any case. The therapy always depends on whether the problem is prostatitis, prostate enlargement or prostate carcinoma. For success, Prof. Wille also likes to look beyond conventional medicine and uses complementary medical treatment methods, especially for recurrent inflammations of the prostate and bladder. This is because, success is always at the centre of his thinking – and ideally, healing. This approach corresponds to the Beta Klinik's mission statement.

One of the most common surgical procedures used in Bonn is the transurethral resection of the prostate – TUR-P for short. In this procedure, abnormal prostate tissue is removed directly through the urethra, and the procedure is performed endoscopically. However, depending on the stage, removal of the prostate is the best or even the only option. Especially with such a sensitive topic, it is essential to rely on the expertise of a medical specialist who has long experience in this field – and who specialises in it. In a so-called radical prostatectomy, Prof. Wille always makes sure to remove the prostate and thus the prostate cancer in a way that preserves potency while protecting the penile nerves. With a prostatectomy, the specialist usually succeeds in completely curing localised prostate cancer and discharging his patients into a tumour-free life.

Individual solutions for erectile dysfunction issues

Prof. Wille is also exactly the right contact person for erectile dysfunction. The causes can be very diverse, and most often, erectile dysfunction has more than one cause. After all, several factors have to interact to produce an erection - and the interaction involves not only nerves, blood vessels and erectile tissue, but also hormones and the psyche. As a urological disease, erectile dysfunction is exposed to the entire diagnostic spectrum available at the Bonn Specialist and Clinical Centre. Here, too, the expansive knowledge Prof. Wille has with drug therapies often proves to be a stroke of luck for his patients. And if this treatment does not produce the desired success, there is the option of surgically inserting a penile prosthesis. This sounds more severe than it actually is – because the implantation of a penile prosthesis does not replace the penis: The implant alone takes over the functions of the erectile tissue, whereby the ability to have an orgasm is retained, as is the ability to procreate. And if the ability to conceive is impaired for other reasons, its complete diagnostic clarification can be carried out in the Reproduction Centre next to the Beta Klinik. The range here extends from spermiograms to testicular biopsies and intracytoplasmic sperm injections.

Another core competence for which Prof. Wille is known, concerns all genders: urinary incontinence. It is mainly women who suffer either from urge incontinence due to an overactive bladder – or from stress incontinence, which can massively disrupt socially active life as a side effect of coughing, sneezing and laughing. With Prof. Wille, a specialist is on hand who develops an individual therapy concept after a highly complex diagnosis. Good to know: The private urological practice in the Beta Klinik functions as the official continence counselling centre of the medical society "Kontinenz Gesellschaft e.V.”.

In general, Prof. Wille has a high level of expertise in the field of pelvic floor disorders in women, which are often associated with continence problems. When pelvic floor exercises or targeted medication no longer help, botulinum toxin injections often provide a solution: This reduces the feeling of urgency at the injection points. The implantation of bladder pacemakers on the pelvic floor is also part of his range of services.

Numerous women in the greater Cologne/Bonn region benefit from his experience in correcting pelvic floor weaknesses and treating pelvic floor prolapse. The specialist's areas of focus also include cystocele, in which the bladder leaves its natural seat and sinks – and rectocele, a bulge in the lower rectum that mainly causes problems during bowel movements. Prof. Wille also works out individual therapies for vaginal wall prolapse, which sometimes occurs due to weakness of the connective tissue or after removal of the uterus – whether incontinence is present or not.

Speciality urethral reconstruction: international reputation

Prof. Wille is known throughout the world for his success in the reconstruction of urethras. Urethral reconstruction is usually necessary when urethral stenosis leads to an increasing weakening of the urinary stream – and thus often to problems with emptying the bladder. Then there is a risk of urinary tract infection due to residual urine formation. Prof. Wille has mainly attracted attention with reconstructions of severe urethral strictures with oral mucosa. In this way, he uses the body's own material – and achieves excellent results. This endogenous material is not rejected and also has many other advantages. Another argument in favour of this innovative method is that it is used to correct genital malformations.

Prof. Wille thus offers a comprehensive range of services in all urological and andrological areas – for outpatient procedures, as well as inpatient operations. The field of activity for which Prof. Wille stands as head of the specialist urological clinic at Beta Klinik is extremely versatile. For men, this also includes circumcision of the foreskin and vasectomy, for women botox injections for urinary bladder.

Modern urology: interdisciplinary diagnostics, holistic treatment

When it comes to surgery, Prof. Wille uses minimally invasive procedures as much as possible, including innovative steam therapies that do not require a urethral catheter at all and do not alter a person's sexual function. The renowned specialist also treats kidney stones endoscopically whenever possible. They are first detected sonographically or radiologically and then crushed from the inside – or from the outside.

There are many other areas of activity that are part of the service spectrum of a large urology department. Thanks to the interdisciplinary approach to all-round medical and nursing care at Beta Klinik, Prof. Wille and his team always have the highest level of competence when it comes to handling adjacent disciplines. For example, the urology department in the clinic network is also known for gender reassignment surgery – usually, this involves gender reassignment from male to female. Here, the neoclitoris is implanted micro-surgically while preserving the vascular-nerve bundle, once again using a particularly innovative procedure.

Doctor, researcher, scientist: A luminary of urology

What makes the experienced all-round urologist Prof. Wille so exceptional is precisely the mixture of patient-oriented practical work and scientific studies. Incidentally, he had initially studied economics in his hometown of Kiel before switching to medicine at Philipps University in Marburg. He finally completed his practical year at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Urology inspired him long before his residency, after which he became one of the leading experts on urinary incontinence. This is how he became known as the coordinator of the Continence and Pelvic Floor Centre at the University Hospital of Cologne – and was appointed as an associate professor in 2014.

His scientific interests cover many areas – first and foremost, functional disorders of the lower urinary tract including incontinence, which affects men after radical tumour surgery of the prostate. Prof. Wille was the first medical doctor to describe the connection between erectile dysfunction and postoperative urinary incontinence after radical tumour surgery of the prostate – and he developed a prognosis model for this form of incontinence.

In addition to participating in several studies, Prof. Wille was also able to further develop modern surgical techniques – and inspire experts with several inventions. The Wille capsule named after him is used as a measuring capsule for catheter-free long-term urodynamics. It is, therefore, obvious that Prof. Wille is not only in great demand as an author of scientific papers, but also as a reviewer for urological journals and as an important organiser of frequent international congresses. He also benefits from his excellent networking in important professional societies.
After many years of pursuing an active research career as a senior consultant at the University of Cologne, Prof. Wille decided to work as a freelancer in a private clinic, in particular, to be able to respond to his patients more individually and with more time.

And so, there are many aspects with which this father of four wins the trust of his patients. In addition to the high-level professional expertise of the director and the entire team, there is also the beautiful location of the Beta Klinik to consider: Those who seek treatment here can look directly onto Bonn's magnificent Rhine promenade on the sunny side of the Rhine – and discover not only the "Post Tower" but also the legendary "Langer Eugen" (an iconic building) in the historic government quarter. Many relatives also enjoy the nearby Museum Mile with its enormous cultural offerings. Thus, the immediate surroundings of the clinic are also a real winner in terms of hospitality, a pleasant atmosphere and individual compassion.


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