Prof. - Thomas Höhler - Intestinal Cancer -

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Höhler

Specialist for intestinal cancer, gastroenterology, hepatology and Internistic oncology in Recklinghausen

Mühlenstraße 29
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+49 2361 3879001 (Landline at local rates)
Prof. - Thomas Höhler - Intestinal Cancer -
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Höhler Specialist for intestinal cancer, gastroenterology, hepatology and Internistic oncology in Recklinghausen
+49 2361 3879001 (Landline at local rates)
Prof. Höhler is familiar with the entire digestive tract on a university level - while his patients can always rely on him to use gentle methods even at the diagnosis stage. His astonishingly broad expertise makes him an absolute specialist for colorectal cancer - but he is also in demand among international experts for his work on liver diseases.

About us Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Höhler

The PROSELIS Foundation Hospital, Prosper Hospital in Recklinghausen has made a name for itself as the largest health facility in the district, particularly in areas such as gastroenterology, haematology and oncology. One man in particular is responsible for the fact that the longstanding hospital is now known throughout the Ruhr area as a state-of-the-art hospital: Dr Thomas Höhler, Head of Medical Clinic I, is responsible for the huge spectrum of services provided by the renowned clinic. What’s more, the wide range of diseases treated here makes Medical Clinic I the central hub for all surgical departments in the hospital.

"Medical Clinic I – Gastroenterology, Haematology, Oncology" is the full name of the clinic, which is headed up by Dr Thomas Höhler as Chief Physician. As a specialist in internal medicine, gastroenterology, hepatology, haematology and oncology, he has exceptional medical expertise, which makes him the perfect person to head up the clinic. In addition, he is accredited to lead residency training programmes in the field of gastroenterology.

The clinic itself is made up of a dedicated, well-trained team of doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants. A high level of patient-centred care and medical attention is provided across two wards and a short-stay unit. In addition, the Endoscopic Department boasts the latest equipment.

Dr Thomas Höhler attaches great importance to gentle methods even in the diagnostic phase. Therefore, he and his team use modern endoscopic procedures – and treatment wherever possible. For example, when it comes to removing polyps in the gastrointestinal tract or treating gallstones, minimally invasive surgical techniques are used. These particularly gentle procedures cause far fewer wound infections, patients experience less pain – and hospital stays are shortened. Another advantage: these procedures leave only tiny wounds and virtually no scars.

Patients at a glance: multidisciplinary therapy planning

The form of therapy and treatment method to be used with each patient is discussed in detail in Medical Clinic I – always tailored to the individual. Treatment and therapy planning, especially for tumour patients, is carried out in close consultation with all the specialists involved, primarily with surgical colleagues, radiotherapists and resident oncologists. Dr Thomas Höhler always keeps abreast of the wide range of modern cancer treatment options.

Dr Höhler and his team also stay up-to-date with the development of new medications: In Recklinghausen they are up to speed on all the new integrative treatment concepts that have led to great progress in cancer treatment in recent years. This familiarity with the latest evidence benefits patients first and foremost, as they are provided with an extremely person-centred treatment concept that takes into account all modern medicinal methods, radiation therapy and all forms of modern surgery.

High specialist knowledge across the team

Thanks to close multidisciplinary collaboration with the other departments of the PROSELIS Foundation Hospital, Prosper-Hospital Recklinghausen – for example with Medical Clinics II and III, Trauma Surgery, Coloproctology or Geriatrics – the team around Dr Thomas Höhler also keeps up-to-date on many medical issues. The fact that all multidisciplinary skills are properly pooled together shows that the patient, with his or her own unique symptoms, is always at the heart of care. By working in a multidisciplinary manner, specialists from a wide range of disciplines can jointly coordinate and combine therapies – in order to ultimately determine the ideal treatment based on current research evidence and accepted guidelines. Patients are always involved in the development of therapies, as are specialists in private practice or internists on request.

An advantage here in Recklinghausen is that short travel distances, coupled with named direct contacts, prevent any double examinations and loss of time. The PROSELIS Foundation Hospital, Prosper-Hospital Recklinghausen describes itself as a city within the city – and it’s true: this time-honoured yet ultra-modern hospital – an integral part of the city of Recklinghausen and the entire region for over 160 years – employs a total of well over 1,200 people. Then there are the many patients who can trust that they’ll be looked after during their quiet, temporary stay in hospital – in extremely comfortable surroundings that help visitors feel at ease, too. A shop and a nicely furnished cafeteria also create the right atmosphere. All this practically in the middle of the city, yet still surrounded by greenery.

In order to continue to determine appropriate, targeted therapies and treatments for the well-being of the patient, now and in future, Medical Clinic I, under the direction of Dr Thomas Höhler, regularly participates in studies. This is to ensure that patients can be offered all the possibilities of current medicine. Data is of course anonymised – this, too, speaks volumes about the renowned clinic: the entire team of doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants in Recklinghausen is committed to absolute trustworthiness and providing care that is empathic and always person-centred.


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PROSELIS Foundation Hospital, St. Elisabeth-Hospital Herten - Medical Clinic I – Gastroenterology, Haematology, Oncology

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