Dr. - Lars Goetz, MaHM - Shoulder endoprosthetics -

Dr. med. Lars Goetz, MaHM

Specialist for endoprosthetics of the shoulder, hip and knee in Berlin

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+49 30 21783931 (Landline at local rates)
Dr. - Lars Goetz, MaHM - Shoulder endoprosthetics -
Dr. med. Lars Goetz, MaHM Specialist for endoprosthetics of the shoulder, hip and knee in Berlin
+49 30 21783931 (Landline at local rates)
As an experienced specialist, Dr. Götz has focused with great commitment on the treatment of the shoulder, knee and hip with artificial joints. The highly specialised physician ranks among the specialists who meticulously perform modern and minimally invasive joint replacements. The sports physician has also made a name for himself among top athletes.

Special Clinical Focus

  • Joint replacement on the shoulder, hip and knee
  • Special surgery of the large joints
  • Sports orthopaedics
  • Trauma surgery of problem cases

About us Dr. med. Lars Goetz, MaHM

More quality of life through endoprosthetics - that is the motto according to which the certified EndoProthetikZentrum (Endoprosthetics Centre) of St. Marien-Krankenhaus in Berlin has built up a reputation that extends far beyond the German capital. Responsible for this reputation is above all the head of the centre, who has attracted attention with his successes in artificial joints for the shoulder, hip and knee - and as head physician of the Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery has also repeatedly set standards in sports medicine and arthroscopy, and can always rely on a competent team: Dr. med. Lars-Peter Götz, MaHM.

When a specialist heads both a leading department and an arthroplasty centre in a renowned hospital, when he serves as team doctor for the German national water polo team and also looks after two successful Bundesliga clubs, and then also enjoys a high reputation as a certified arthroscopist - then he must be a very special doctor. In fact, Dr. med. Lars-Peter Götz has a few things in him that are typical of highly specialised medical practitioners of the modern type: He knows orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery inside out - and he is passionate about a special field in which he is dedicated to the optimisation of processes: endoprosthetics of the shoulder, hip and knee. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Götz develops instruments and implants for joint replacement together with other European experts.

As a specialist in surgery, including orthopaedics and trauma surgery, he has the additional qualifications of special trauma surgery and sports medicine. But his medical focus is on artificial joints.
The clinic he runs cares for patients in the comfortable environment of a hospital in a park-like facility in the south of Berlin. The EndoProthetikZentrum demonstrates the excellent quality of the approx. 400 joint replacement operations in annual certification audits.

Joint replacement option: The path to pain-free mobility

Dr. Götz knows that constant joint pain can not only massively impair work and sport, but can often even turn everyday movements into an ordeal. And because permanent joint pain destroys the quality of life, he has made it his mission to give back the joy of life and movement to affected people.

It is thanks to specialists like him that artificial joints today enable a completely different form of mobility than was possible just a few years ago. Endoprosthetics has made tremendous progress - and continues to advance: Today's implants offer longevity and enormous comfort, which is not only about freedom from pain, but also about enjoying movement.

It is particularly important that joint replacements are planned down to the last detail.
At the EndoProthetikZentrum of St. Marien-Krankenhaus in Berlin, this means that every endoprosthesis is digitally designed according to the anatomical requirements, on the basis of a calibrated radiological diagnosis. Implant design, implant size, joint angle, anchorage depth etc. - nothing is left to chance but rather everything is exactly adapted to the individual situation.
The surgical procedure itself is carried out via gentle and minimally invasive surgical approaches, which allow for painless and speedy rehabilitation.

Joint replacements from leading manufacturers - selected with meticulousness

For joint replacement of the shoulder, hip and knee, Dr. Götz relies exclusively on modern and proven implants from German and Swiss manufacturers whose longevity and excellent function have been proven in international registers. As a highly specialised orthopaedic surgeon, he knows exactly which artificial joint is the optimal choice for the patient's individual requirements.

Therefore, anyone who receives a new artificial joint at the certified EndoProthetikZentrum at St. Marien-Krankenhaus in Berlin can rely on the highest international standards. The versatility of every joint replacement is based on the latest scientific advances. The many years of experience and the great expertise that head physician Dr. med. Lars-Peter Götz, MaHM and his team have is the ideal basis for excellent results that guarantee all the requirements of contemporary care - in a short time.


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